KNC 19' Parental Permission Slip Form
This is an online version of KuroNekoCon's Parental Permission Slip Form. A PDF version can be found here for download/printing. ( )

Online OR physical form is accepted at the convention. Online can be used to submit before the convention
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This is an agreement between KuroNeko Cultural Association and you the parent or legal guardian of a minor attending KuroNekoCon 2019. Attendees who are under the age of 18 during KuroNekoCon may attend without their parent or legal guardian, but they must be accompanied by a responsible attending adult and submit this signed permission slip. The attending adult must be 18 years of age or older, be a registered attendee, and accompany the minor during the convention.

By signing this permission slip you affirm that:
1. You have the legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of your minor child.
2. You give permission for your child to attend KuroNekoCon 2019.
3. You agree that KuroNeko Cultural Association staff, organizers, and agents have no responsibility whatsoever to monitor or supervise the minor at any time during KuroNekoCon and agree to not hold Kuro Neko Cultural Association, its staff, or agents responsible for any wrongdoing, claims demand, or liability.
4. In the unfortunate event of damages caused by your minor child at KuroNekoCon, you accept financial responsibility and fully indemnify and hold harmless KuroNeko Cultural Association.
5. The attending adult listed below has permission to supervise the minor during KuroNekoCon.
Minor Name *
Legal First & Last Name
Legal Guardian/Parent Name
Legal First & Last Name
Phone Number *
Please specify day/night phone if two separate numbers. EX: Day-0000000000 Night-0000000000
Attending Adult *
Legal First & Last Name. This is the person over 18 that will be responsible for your minor during/at KNC 2019, they will also need to be a registered attendee at KNC 2019.
Date Signed *
Parent Signature *
By entering your full legal name below, you agree to the terms listed above.
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