Panel discussion on the Future of the UN - Thursday 22 October - Sign up Form
On Thursday 22 October, at 20:00, SIB-Groningen is co-organising this panel discussion with Forum Groningen.

The lecture will take place in a hybrid-form: 30 attendees are allowed to attend physically in the Rabo Studio, of which 15 spots have been reserved for SIB-Members, otherwise you can watch the livestream of this event instead.

Once all 15 slots have been filled you can either buy a ticket through the forum if you desperately want to attend in person, you can just buy a ticket through the website of the forum, but if you'd rather not pay you can still sign up for the waiting list and hope someone else cancels.

We will check whether you are a SIB-Member, so if you use this form without also having signed up for SIB, we will just strike you from the list.

If you have signed up, but would like to cancel your attendance, please send an email to Should you feel ill on the day of the lecture, we strongly encourage you to cancel your participation and stay at home as to take care of yourself and not put others in danger.

IMPORTANT: This form asks for your email address and phone number. This data will be collected solely to facilitate a fast and effective contact search should it turn out that a person infected with Covid-19 has attended the event. Your data will be deleted three weeks after the event took place.
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