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In order to post a pitch in the Facebook Group, you must be offering a collaborative opportunity or event opportunity specifically for PHLbloggers. This may include wanting to collaborate on content development, providing products to bloggers to review, a general want to work with bloggers, a VIP event at your location, an offering of a free class, etc. If you are interested in posting a pitch in the group, please fill out this Google form. Press releases will not be accepted.

There is a section of the form that allows you to choose if you would like to work with a specific subset of bloggers and/or provide an online application URL (i.e. a Google doc form, or something more formal) for the bloggers to fill out if they are interested in working with your brand.

Each blogger is different in the way they work with brands, but the mission remains the same: create a collaborative opportunity that is beneficial for both parties involved. This usually involves a trade of content for promotion, product, and/or money – with “content” being a limitless word. For example, a blogger could:

·        Write a blog post featuring your product, brand, or experience

·        Share photos of your product, brand, or experience on social media

·        Create video content to be featured on their blog and social media

·        Host or emcee an in-person event at your location

·        Participate in a meal or media dinner

If you're not sure exactly what you're looking for, feel free to say that in the pitch and interested bloggers can reach out to brainstorm together. You can reach out with questions at

Chrystina Cappello
Founder & CEO of PHLbloggers

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Collaborations & Events
When answering the questions below please consider the following questions:

Collaboration - Do you know what type of collaboration you might like to work on? Are you offering any compensation?

Events - When is the event, where is the event, what will be happening, and is there an RSVP deadline?

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Thanks so much for your interest in working with PHLbloggers. This post will be added to our private Facebook group within one week. If you would like us to reach out to the group to follow up, please email us at
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