2019 Convention Artist Census
A little research on the demographic of convention artists. Results will be compiled, analyzed, and presented at KIRISKA.com/blog.

All submissions are ANONYMOUS.

This survey will be accepting responses through October 1st, 2019. Direct questions, comments, and inquiries to research@kiriska.com.

Artist Demographic
What kind of artist do you consider yourself primarily? *
You consider yourself a... *
How old are you?
Where are you located? *
If you're in North America, what state/province are you in? *
Convention Experience
How long have you been exhibiting at conventions? *
How many conventions are you doing this year? *
You want to do ______ conventions in the coming year. *
What genre of conventions do you do primarily?
Approximately what percentage of your annual income is from conventions specifically? *
Includes all convention sales and sales/commissions started at the convention, so take-home commissions count as long as the transaction was initiated at a convention.
Approximately what percentage of your annual income is from other art-related work? *
Includes online stores, online commissions, consignment, gallery sales, art-related day job, etc.
Approximately what percentage of your annual income is from non-art-related work? *
2018 annual convention-driven income *
USD/CAD only for this one, sorry! Income should be calculated as GROSS REVENUE, so convention revenue AFTER all related expenses (product cost, table cost, travel and lodging cost). If you have a separate and formal business, this should be your personal salary from the business, rather than the business's annual income. This one's optional, but think of how cool this data would be. Remember, it's all anonymous anyway!
What is your current financial goal for conventions? *
Business & Other
Is your art business formally registered with any entity, or do you plan to do so before the end of the year? *
Counts "yes" if you have any tax licenses registered under your business name, a FEIN or similar, separate business bank account, an LLC, etc.
What's your primary motivation in doing conventions? *
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