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In 2023, renters in the City of Vancouver are facing one of the most precarious and vulnerable conditions in the modern history of the region. Landlords have the financial incentive to evict long-term tenants and jack up rents hundreds of dollars in buildings they've neglected to maintain. Developers are engaging in land and property speculation along the Broadway corridor. Already more and more tenants talk about corporate property managers that don't communicate with them and rip them off.

Despite the severity of the situation, the communities that tenants have built over years living in their neighbourhoods are resilient enough to resist these crises. If organized, they have the power to force governments to enact policies that will protect them, and to act as a check on the power of landlords and developers to extract profit at the expense of tenants.

It's time to reach out to your fellow tenants and begin to form organized buildings and communities, and work together in solidarity to enact change on the ground in the buildings we call home.
I pledge to stay in my home, build collective power with my neighbours, and fight for a renter's vision for the city.
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