CST 2021 Program/Admin Application Form
PHILOSOPHY: All members of the Camp Staff; including CIT’s (Counselors-in-Training), and Volunteers, are responsible for carrying out the Mission of Camp St. Thekla, which is to present to young people a living experience of the Holy Orthodox Faith in their relationship with God and other campers in an uncluttered, natural environment. With God’s help we work to strengthen the Camper’s grasp of the basics of the Christian life: participation in the liturgical, sacramental, and ascetic life of the Church, and living in community with fellow members of the Body of Christ and with peace toward all of God’s creation.

AGE: All Program and Admin Staff must be 19 or have completed one year of college.

DURATION AND PROGRAMS: Camp Staff are expected to attend the entire Staff Training weekend and the entire 2 weeks of camp (Friday, June 25 - Sunday, July 11). In addition, we will do many of our staff training sessions virtually through zoom. Staff are required to attend all these sessions as they will be the substance of the staff training. Anticipated absences must be requested in writing with this application. Emergency leave absences during camp are granted at the discretion of the Camp Director.
During this time, staff will be serving a group of campers 9-17 from mostly the Southern US. Most campers will be Orthodox Christians though not all. Programs include Christian education sessions, ropes course, sports, and social events.

REFERENCES: This application includes links to two reference forms, one to be completed by your parish priest, and one to be completed by a non-relative adult who has knowledge of your suitability for the position (teachers, coaches, employers, etc.) and has known you for at least three years. It is your responsibility to make sure they are sent to Camp St. Thekla by the April 1 deadline. Please carefully follow the instructions given on the reference forms.

APPLICATIONS: All applications must be submitted no later than April 1. Notification of acceptance will be sent out on or before April 15.
In order to complete this application you must email the following to campstthekla@gmail.com :
+ A photocopy of your Driver’s License or other Government issued I.D.
+ A photocopy of your Social Security Card (if you are a U.S. citizen)
+ A photocopy of any relevant certifications (CPR, Life guarding, etc.)
+ A signed copy of the Camp St. Thekla Staff Policy for Online Social Networking and Blogging Websites
+ A signed copy of the Authorization of Background Check and Voluntary Disclosure Form
+ A signed copy of the COVID-19 Informed Consent Agreement 2021

SELECTION: Applications will be judged based on information from the following sources: performance evaluations from any previous experience as a Camp St. Thekla CIT or staff member; a phone interview (new staff), the skills and interest in skills in the various activity areas; the neatness, promptness and completeness of the application; the insight provided by the essays; willingness to serve in areas requiring extra training; and the testimony of the references.


Head Counselor
Responsible To: Assistant Director
General Responsibilities:
+ Responsible for organizing components of counselor training and ongoing counselor education throughout the 2 weeks of camp.
+ Supervise and teach Counselors.
+ Handle Camper issues brought by Counselors and supervise counselors and campers throughout the day by identifying and reinforcing, or correcting staff behavior as appropriate.
+ Routinely evaluate the performance of counselors and provide insightful feedback.
+ Plan and organize Staff Activities.
+ Develop and teach CIT Program

Morning Program Director
Responsible to: Program Director
General Responsibilities:
+ Prior to camp session work with Camp Director in choosing a Christian Ed Theme and Curriculum
+ Modify Curriculum to fit the session schedule
+ Train all staff in schedule and theme of Morning Program
+ Work with afternoon program director to choose staff for implementing program.
+ Oversee Morning program activities providing feedback and correction when necessary.
+ Listing necessary materials for lessons and having available each day.
+ Scheduling the locations and times for Morning Program activities.

Afternoon Program Director
Responsible to: Program Director
General Responsibilities:
+ Prior to camp, work with the Director to plan camp’s afternoon programs including rainy day activities and non-sport activities, including scheduling a compatible master schedule with days and time for activities and their location and staffing needs.
+ Work with Morning Program Director to choose staff for implementing program.
+ Be knowledgeable in the rules and equipment requirements for common outdoor sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc.
+ Supervise Counselors in execution of program.
+ Set up daily afternoon schedules

Evening Program Director
Responsible to: Program Director
General Responsibilities:
+ Prior to camp, work with the Director to develop 5 evening activities, with back-ups for rain by no later than 2 weeks prior to arrival.
+ Prepare materials and equipment for each activity.
+ Supervise Counselors in execution of program, including maintaining order, overseeing safety and enjoyment by campers, ensuring presence and timely distribution of snack and coordinating timely dismissal.
+ Organize the writing and teaching of the Staff song

Media Director
Responsible to: Program Director
General Responsibilities:
+ Become familiar with multimedia software used for video production and updating website.
+ Collect and Post Staff Training Photos on Friday Night of Staff Training
+ Record Video daily events and take pictures for posting on the website and Facebook page.
+ Write a daily update, summarizing the day’s events to be posted on the website.
+ Take cabin and camp photos for distribution, including choosing location for shots; prior to end of week to be distributed by the end of camp session.
+ Edit the video into a 30-minute video to be shown on the last night, and sold to camper’s to remember their days at camp.
+ Video must be completed and shipped within one month of leaving the camp facility.

Nurses Assistant
Responsible to: Nurse
General Responsibilities:
+ Assisting the Camp Nurse in duties related to the infirmary of the camp. This will include,
+ Attending all of staff training
+ Escorting campers to and from the infirmary for infirmary call
+ Helping with record keeping
+ Being present through all of camp events and assisting in any situation where medical attention is required under the direction of the Camp RN.
+ Being available to drive campers to hospital or clinic as necessary.
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Christian Education
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All Camp Staff are encouraged but not required to have current certifications in Red Cross First Aid and Adult CPR (or their equivalents). Are you currently certified or will you be certified by the time camp starts? *
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