Room 208 Comes Home


You've probably found your way to this form from reading the blog entry, "Room 208 Comes Home" (from Bob Sprankle's "Bit by Bit" Blog---, or the cross-post at TechLearning).

If you're unfamiliar with the "Room 208 Story," you can find plenty of information here: Read some of the early entries in the section "Bit By Bit" Blog, listen to Podcasts from Room 208 on the Podcast page, and visit the "Room 208 Site" section.

By all means, you can do a Google Search to dig up history on Room 208's story, go check out the NY Times article written by Ethan way back in 2005 (, or buy the excellent recently published book by Alan November and zoom in on the section "How the Students of Room 208 Conquered the World" (

Once you've got the story down, please add a question below that you would like to ask the Room 208 students as they prepare for a ROOM 208 REUNION!

These students will have a lot to report to us: they were some of the youngest students who had first access to Web 2.0 tools (specifically, Blogging and Podcasting). The work that happened due to these tools completely transformed our classroom where students created:


I think of this Reunion as early "Cybernauts" landing their Spaceshuttle and reporting back to us whether the direction we teachers, students, parents have been working on for years has been worth it. Has it had a positive effect on their learning? Has it developed the skills we hoped the disruption of technology would bring to our students? They were "early adopters" (quite possibly some of the youngest); what story do they have to tell us?

This was when they were in 3rd and 4th grade. Now they are in high school, many of them about to graduate. As their teacher, I will help facilitate the REUNION, but the students themselves have already started organizing the event --- using Facebook as their medium. Certain adults who worked with us early on will be invited to that page to ask questions and interact with the students prior to the Reunion. If that doesn't include you, then you will be offered that opportunity here.

We don't yet have a date for the Reunion Podcast, but I will email you when it's going to happen and when and where it will be published (just include you email). It may take a couple of months to get all this together, or who knows... it might happen sooner. It's the students who will decide.

Watch for news on "" to see when things will happen, and follow the hashtag #Room208Reunion on Twitter (and other networks) for up to date developments.
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