If your child is between the ages of 6 months to 12 years old, please sign him/her up for St. Mary's Nursery or Sunday School. Fill out the form below to do so. (Note: If you'd rather hand-write your responses, forms will be available after all services on September 9th.)
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CHILD INFO: Please include the following information for all children: 1) Child's First & Last Name, 2) Which Sunday School Grade for that Child?, 3) Age of Child, 4) Birthdate of Child *
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Would you be interested in periodically helping with Sunday School? (Includes substitute or holiday teaching, special projects, or other needs)
My child would like to participate as an Acolyte at St. Mary's. (must be in 4th grade or older)
Please note:
Children of ages 5 months to 3.5 years are welcome in the Nursery. Children who are 3 years old by September 9th and are potty-trained are welcome in Preschool.
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