Kantaicon AA submission form
We are now taking applications for Artist Alley. Your application will be judged by 5 staff members with artist alley experience. Applications will be evaluated and responded to as we receive them and will be evaluated on quality of work, originality, and relevance to the convention.

-Submissions will close July 15th, 2019. Accepted artists will be notified by July 20th, and everyone else should receive an email otherwise by July 23rd.

-Artist Alley tables are $35. One badge is included with the purchase of your table.

- Artist Alley setup/hours of operation will be Saturday Oct 12th 2019 8am -10am, Open to the public 10am-4pm tear down 4pm-6pm.

-Crafted items are permitted, as long as they are handmade and not manufactured by someone else.

-Fanart is permitted but it must be of your own creation and not eyeballed/traced/referenced off of pre-existing work. If we are contacted by a copyright holder in regards to any infringement by an artist, we will assist the holder to stop the sale of the item/s in question and the artist will be held liable.

-There is a very strict no-pedophilia policy and that includes imagery pertaining to pedobear as well.

-The sale of 18+ items is prohibited.

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