Sport Court Survey
Dear Community Member,
Key elements of the Dance Palace’s community-based Adaptation Plan call for both creating safe gathering spaces to laugh, play and provide support, and also to increase inclusivity to truly be multicultural, intergenerational and diverse.
Placing a priority on providing all segments of our community a welcoming place to be in community together, the Dance Palace is re-examining how its outdoor space is used.  One area of focus is its existing Sport Court, and how it might be better utilized to allow for more activities.
As part of our planning efforts, we would like to hear from you about what kinds of sport activities you would like this court to accommodate. The survey is one meaningful data source into the Dance Palace Board’s decision-making regarding how to best leverage our existing resource. (If you’d like to review the plans, you can view them here).
To provide your input, please respond to the following (this should take 3-4 minutes):
Please Note: All survey responses are due by June 14th.
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What other comments do you have about our plans for an improved sport court at the Dance Palace? *
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