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January 16, 2019

I'm getting started on another batch of adapters. I had a SERIOUS crash of my computer which took out every drive in the system (including my backup drive). Due to this I have had to basically start over. I have lost the file which was the circuit board design. I do have quite a few on hand but may not rebuild that file or order more boards. I haven't decided yet. I will at least build till I run out of boards.

There is a custom 3D printed case available. Price is $12 for one solid color and $14 for 2 color case with a descent logo on it. If interested, please select which case and color(s) you want in the form. More info is here:

I will send an itemized PayPal invoice when your order is ready to ship. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. I understand that things happen. Vacations...unexpected bills... Please email me to let me know what's going on and I can work with you. If payment or arrangements are not made within 30 days, your order will be canceled. I will ship on or before the next business day once payment is received.

Check your spam box every couple weeks. I can't be responsible if your email program junks my emails to you...

Thanks for your interest!
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Full name *
Mailing address *
Include street address with apartment # if applicable, city, state or province, postal code, and country as it should appear on the mailing label. If you make a typo and the package is returned, you will be responsible to pay additional postage! DOUBLE CHECK!!!  If you move, be sure to send me an updated address. I will ship to the address I have unless you tell me otherwise.
Choose your purchase option *
Preassembled and tested board is $40 - Kit with all parts for YOU to solder together is $35.  If you want both assembled AND kit, please submit a second order. Prices COULD change at the time of production. You will be notified if this happens.
How many do you want? *
Order as many as you need. If all adapters are not the same, please enter separate orders for each.
Email address *
Please double check your Email address. If it's not correct, I can't contact you and it will delay your order indefinitely! Please use your primary address if you have more than one. I promise not to spam you.
Indicate which firmware you want preinstalled. *
3DPro32u4-10.hex works with all joysticks but has no FFB. Adaptffbjoy-r54.hex works with ONLY the FFP but does have FFB. Wheel.hex works with ONLY the FFB wheel and does NOT have FFB at this time.
Would you like the option header included? *
The option header is a $2.00 additional charge. It's needed if you plan to use pedals. There may be future optional uses as well.
What color case would you like? *
This is for the body of the case. Select logo color next if you want it. The one color case is $12.00
What color logo on your case? *
This is the color of the Descent logo that can be inset into the top of the case. The logo is an additional $2.00
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