Calgary Area Council Membership Survey
Completion of this survey will provide your Executive Team with information as they prepare for the AGM.

As you complete this survey please keep in mind the following:
1. As per Convention 2018 (AUPE's governing body) all members residing within the pre-defined geographical area of an Area Council have voice and vote at meetings.
2. Decisions concerning the business that Calgary Area Council carries out is determined by members present and voting at Membership Meetings.
3. The AUPE Constitution (2018), Article 24.01 states that "The objectives of an Area Council shall be to promote and provide for the social and general welfare of its membership."

Your response will not be cross-referenced with the input being provided below. Don't know your AUPE#? Contact 1-800-232-7284 to obtain. Failure to provide your AUPE# will negate your responses to the following.
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Do you attend Calgary Area Council Membership Meetings? *
Membership meetings are held at the AUPE Calgary Regional Office, 2116 - 27 Avenue NE, 2nd floor. Visit our website for date/time details:
If you do not attend Calgary Area Council Membership Meetings, please select all barriers that apply to your circumstance:
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