Catawba Co Poll Worker Application
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Election officials...
  • must be registered voters of Catawba County
  • must be of good moral character (NCGS § 163-41)
  • are required to work from 5:45 until 8pm or later on election day
  • must be available to help set up the precinct the day before the election (~1 hr)
  • should be able to read and write accurately, follow directions, work at a fast pace and lift up to 25 lbs
  • may not leave the polling site during the election
  • should have reliable transportation to and from the polling place and training
  • should be proficient in using a computer (using a mouse, data lookup, printing, etc.)
  • should possess excellent customer service skills
  • must attend a precinct training before EACH election (class averages 2.5 to 3 hrs in length)
  • may be assigned to precincts that are not their home precinct
  • will be paid a flat fee after the conclusion of the election. A paper check will be issued
  • will be required to submit completed Federal I-9 and W-4 employment forms
  • may be removed as a precinct official for misbehavior or neglect of duty
  • must swear an oath (or affirmation) attesting that they will not, in any manner, request or seek to persuade or induce any voter to vote for or against any particular candidate or proposition. Workers must remain unbiased and NO politics are allowed to be displayed, discussed, or implied while working a polling location. No personal opinions may be shared or expressed while working as an election official
Election Officials, by law, are required to be paid for services. Below are the Catawba County flat fees paid per election for each type of assignment (beginning 2024). This is for attending the mandatory training class at the BOE office, assisting with polling site setup the day before, and for working a full election day at an assigned polling site.

Judges are appointed by the County Board of Elections for a 2-year term beginning on odd-numbered years. Assistants are assigned on an as-needed basis. 
  • CHIEF JUDGE:  $325  (Chief judge must also pick up and bring back supplies to the BOE office)
  • JUDGE: $250  (1 Democratic and 1 Republican Judge per polling location)
  • ASSISTANT: $200 
Attending your first training class does not obligate you to work an election; you may tell the staff that you do not wish to be a worker during or after the class. Also, completing this Poll Worker Interest survey does not guarantee placement to a polling site nor assignment to any or every future election. 
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