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Looking to make pickles? You're in the right place! Priority will be given based on order date, quantity available, and preference of pick-up. The cucumbers typically begin producing mid July until roughly the end of August. We pick on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Calls to fulfill orders will be made once the cucumbers have been sorted on those days - they will not be washed, this will extend their shelf life for you before you decide to process them. If there is no reply by that evening, the produce will be offered to the next individual. No, we cannot give you more of a heads up, as the pickings can vary in extremes from day to day based on the weather - they are pretty unpredictable. We (us and our 2,000 plants) will do our best to fulfill your request, but there are no guarantees that your order will be filled, and there are no promised pick-up dates. Nature holds all the cards here! Thank you for your support of local agriculture :)

Here's the 2020 pricing

Babies $130/half bushel (no, that's not a typo)
#1's $45/half bushel, $85/full bushel
#2's $35/half bushel, $65/full bushel
#3's $25/half bushel, $35/full bushel

Dill is $10 per half bushel's (quarts) worth.
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If you would like to add dill to your order, please type the amount you would like (for example, full order's worth, 60 heads, 20 heads, etc.). Please note that due to the prolonged dry period in June, dill may be hard to come by... time will tell.
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