The Energy Boost with Shawn Fink Application
Welcome to The Energy Boost Group Coaching Application. This is a 8-week group program that will meet on Zoom every Tuesday for coaching and support. Each zoom session will include work to dig deep into your energy story and how to change it so that you experience more vitality and positive energy in your WHOLE life -- at home, at work and for your passion projects. Time and Day MAY be subject to change to whatever works best for the whole group. All sessions can be recorded if you have to miss a session. Email support will be provided to ALL participants. Max of 10 members of this group will be accepted. There is pre-session homework to do that should only take you about 15-20 minutes and there is post-session homework as well. The real work is implementing what we talk about in between sessions.

--> THE NEXT ENERGY BOOST GROUP SESSION WILL START JAN. 26. ($500 or 2 payments of $250)

How The Program Unfolds

Module 1 | Getting to Know Your Energy System and Story

Module 2 | Removing Negative Energy Landmines -- 2 Sessions

Module 3 | Learn to Protect Your Energy

Module 4 | The Building Blocks of Boosting Your Positive Energy -- 2 Sessions

Module 5 | Creating and Establish a Rest & Renewal Practice

Module 6 | Learn to be Your Own Chief Energy Officer (CEO)

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How do you feel about your current energy levels? What would you like to change about your energy as it is right now? *
If you had more energy -- or could learn to balance your energy better - what do you hope would change for you? *
What is something you'd like to have more energy for in your life? *
On a scale of 1 to 10, what level would you say your positive energy is on a regular/average basis? 1 -- very low. 10 -- excellent. *
Why do you want to be a part of The Energy Boost Coaching Circle with Shawn and several other women interested in improving and balancing their energy? *
What time of day works best for you to meet with a group on Zoom? *
Being in a small group requires a commitment of both time and vulnerability. Small groups means you will connect deeply either on a 1:1 or 1:several women at once. Does this kind of experience work well for you and your personality? Are you willing to commit to the weekly meeting times (so long as they fit your schedule)? *
The Energy Boost is going to be a weekly coaching session for 10 women for 8 weeks. During each week, we will explore a new energy management technique or strategy to help you reach your energy goals. What would be your main priorities for such coaching sessions. *
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