Nashville Zoo Brew at the Zoo Volunteer Registration
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Brew at the Zoo on Friday, May 31, 2019! One shift available: 4:15 - 11:30pm

Volunteers will help set up, break down, assist at attractions, and help as runners/floaters. VOLUNTEERS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SAMPLE BEER.

*Please note, volunteers must be at least 21 years old.

Volunteer Agreement
The parties to this Agreement do hereby mutually recognize that Nashville Zoo does not provide Workman’s Compensation or any other type of liability insurance to persons who are not actually employees of Nashville Zoo. Accordingly, persons such as Volunteers are not covered by Nashville Zoo for such forms of insurance.

Through this Volunteer Participation and Waiver Agreement, I authorize Nashville Zoo and its employees to take all necessary steps to insure my health and safety in case of an emergency. I, as the Volunteer, do hereby knowingly release and hold harmless Nashville Zoo, Inc. from any injury, accident or damage sustained by myself while serving as a Volunteer.

- I agree that I am available to work the entire duration of the event shift indicated on this form.

- I agree to not leave my post without express approval from staff, volunteer zone captains or volunteer headquarters.

- *I agree to not to consume alcohol or use any controlled substance while volunteering for the event.*

- I agree not to be under the influence of any controlled substances while volunteering for the event.

- I pledge to make my volunteer station a No Phone Zone. I will not text or use my phone while volunteering.

- I will report any concerning or unusual situations to Nashville Zoo staff.

- My conversations will not include inappropriate topics that may be deemed offensive to others.

- I authorize Nashville Zoo to use my name and photograph for education, public relations and marketing purposes related to Nashville Zoo.

- I will not attempt to approach or touch any wildlife.

I understand that acceptance as a volunteer is based on a combination of my skills and interests and the needs of Nashville Zoo. Nashville Zoo at Grassmere reserves the right to reject a volunteer for any reason which the Zoo, in its sole judgment, determines will or may affect the best interests of the Zoo. Furthermore, the Zoo reserves the right to withhold the reason(s) for such refusal.

Do you agree to the above Volunteer Agreement? *
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