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What do you believe your biggest form of self-sabotage is for you right now, in this present moment?
And what have you noticed drives you (or triggers you) to do this? Are there any trends (or patterns) that you can begin to see?
If there was a underlying gift in this compulsion, what do you think that would be? What is this self-sabotaging pattern teaching you?
Is there ONE thing that you could do different (that feels better - lasts longer - and actually improves your well-being) that gives you the same type of relief, but in a more loving and freeing way?
What's the ONE thing that if you experienced it, you'd feel a great sense of progress and/or relief? A good hint for this is to look at what you've likely been avoiding. (*IMPORTANT NOTE* Make this something tangible, concrete, external and check-off-able... something you can commit to, versus internal/ambiguous/emotional... i.e. "take weekends off and enjoy more PLAY time" versus "try not to feel overwhelmed from work"––focus on how you can make this step ACTIONABLE.)
What is/are your question(s)?
Our time together is precious. If there's something we need to talk about, say so!
What do you think the answer(s) will be?
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