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Job Description & Requirements
Candidate Qualities:

- Organized & all about details, details, details
- Direct & clear communicator
- Deadline oriented
- Self starter
- 360 hustle - think of ideas and work to implement them
- Empathy
- Adaptability/ comfortable interacting with different personalities

Job Description:

This innovation leader will help to guide the organization to develop, cultivate and pursue the most promising and disruptive transformation ideas, and will enhance our ability to test, learn and scale them. (For example, how can we grow our events, how can we reach more cities, how can we create amazing experiences using a small budget. . .how can we "fail fast")

- Create growth strategy for expanding the NAABW user network
- Implement revenue driving programs (i.e. what should we sell, what should we do more of? )
- Design and implement a digital online community for 3 major cities
- Identify who our followers are, what they need in their lives, and how we can create additional products to meet those needs; operationalize new products (i.e. you decide we should start selling widgets, and they you work to design and launch and online widget store)
- Align expansion with branding and messaging events & experiences

Additional Requirements (please read carefully!):

- Must create and SOLEY USE NAABW email account for external communications
- Must create and SOLEY USE NAABW Slack account for internal communications
- Must be plugged into team communications, responsive, and deadline oriented
- Must dedicate 4 - 8 hours monthly (on average)
- Must be be a part of one team conference call per month
- Attention to detail
- GOTTA BE A HUSTLER!!! This is a fast paced role, designed to help us grow from small bay area non-profit to larger national brand
- In order to take NAABW to the next level, we need team members that are completely dedicated to serving our mission, and our community .If you're spread too thin, you won't be able to do your best work in this role. . .plus #selfcare.

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