Carlisle Parent Survey
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to complete this survey. Your feedback is very important to us as we plan for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Check all that apply: How do you like to get updates about CSD events, closures, and announcements? *
Did your child's teacher communicate with you during the school year (emails, calls, texts, etc.) before CSD was closed for in-person learning? *
Did a staff member, principal, or teacher contact you or your student to check-in while CSD was closed for in-person instruction? *
Did you have access to consistent, reliable childcare while CSD schools were closed to in-person instruction? *
Did you have access to consistent, reliable internet access in your home for your student to complete AMI work? *
Did your student(s) have access to a working laptop or computer to complete their AMI work? *
Did you use any of the free, open wireless access points (school parking lot, gas station, church) set up by CSD during virtual learning? *
Overall, how would you rate AMI Work? *
Not effective, negatively impacted my student
Effective, positive experience
Would you be comfortable with Distance Learning/Virtual Learning next year? *
If schools are open and operating in the fall, will you send your student to school for face to face instruction or would you prefer an all-online option for your student *
What feedback (positive or negative) do you have about AMI Work for our administrative team? *
If CSD used Virtual Learning/Distance Learning next year, do you anticipate your household would have strong enough internet access for your student to learn from home? *
If you're child normally rides the bus to school, will you continue to send them to school via the bus?
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If schools reopened in the Fall for normal operations, would you feel safe sending your student to school?
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What concerns do you have about COVID-19 and school in the Fall?
Did you receive text messages/calls from the District's calling system? *
Do you access the District's social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) this year? *
Did you access the District's website or app this year? *
How would you rate the overall communication from your child's school? *
Needs Improvement
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