Save Local - an initiative of Hashtag Loyalty in collaboration with GaragePlug to help businesses like yours during the crisis
We've launched a special initiative called Save Local to support businesses like yours. Through the website, customers will be able to purchase a gift card for your brand. These gift cards are a manifestation of customer loyalty. Every purchase they make is a guarantee of a future visit and gesture that reflects their care and shared passion for your business.

How it works:
1. We will provide a landing page for your customers to purchase a discounted service/gift card.
2. This will help you to get some cash flow in this lockdown period.
3. Your customers can avail the same through coupon code once the garage opens.

What you have to do:
1. Fill the information given form below
2. Your listing will be live in 8-12 hours
3. A one minute video to appeal to your customers.

Note: for each transaction, 90% will be transferred to your account and 10% to the company through which we are doing this.

To know more Call/WhatsApp +918884402002 +919113202061 or click
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This goes up on your gift card landing page. Please post a short description of your business. For example, when it was founded, your story, what is your business (ex: Italian cafe, Boutique shoe store). This showcases your store in a better light to new customers. Please ensure the text is free of errors and formatted properly.
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