2018 CAST Preservice Teacher Awards Application
The CAST Pre-service Teacher Award honors an outstanding science student teacher.

This application must be completed by May 15, 2019.

The winner of this award will receive a check for $250.00 and a certificate. In addition, we will reimburse registration for the annual Colorado Science Conference. Any pre-service teacher who has student taught in Colorado during the 2018-2019 school year's fall or spring term is eligible.

If you would rather send this information in via e-mail, feel free to download the electronic file and e-mail your responses to DeLene Hoffner at dscinut@gmail.com.

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What is the nominee's full name? *
What is the nominee's current email address? *
What is the nominee's current phone number? *
What is the nominee's current mailing address? (We will use this to send the check to the lucky recipient.) *
If possible, please attach a current photo of the nominee. (Upload an image file containing a headshot.) Alternately, you may e-mail the photo to DeLene Hoffner at dscinut@gmail.com if the nominee is chosen for the award.
Where is/did the nominee complete their student teaching? (Please include the name of the school and the school district.) *
What university/school/program is the nominee enrolled in for their teacher certification? *
What is the nominee's teaching level? *
Is the nominee a current member of CAST? (Membership is NOT required for this award.) *
What science does/did the nominee student teach? *
Please tell us why you feel this student teacher should receive the CAST Pre-service Award. *
If you'd like to attach a letter of support, please upload the pdf file here.
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