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I understand that many CCC folks would like to contribute to the Retreat House discussion but are limited in their physical participation or by emotional uncertainty. The feedback on this form will remain confidential unless you yourself decide otherwise through a question below. Please read the questions carefully and provide your thoughtful feedback. Many thanks, Gwen Garrison, FY18 CCC Moderator
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The main motion we will consider for the Retreat House on Sunday Oct 22 will be to raise the necessary funds to renovate the property. Knowing what you know now what is your likely vote?
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How likely are you to attend the Oct 22 Congregational Meeting?
All members and friends of CCC have "voice" to express their opinion on major decisions. We provide time for these expressions during the congregational meeting. If you can't be there or are uncertain about speaking up, as moderator I am willing to read your comments.Please indicate if you want your comments read and attribution given.
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