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This is the application for the Alliance of Documentary Editors, an all-volunteer collective of professionals working in the documentary editing field.  

First please read our mission statement:
"The Alliance of Documentary Editors (ADE) is a working group of documentary film and television editors and assistant editors nationwide that campaigns for best practices within the industry while improving members’ career sustainability. The ADE promotes a better understanding and acknowledgement of the documentary editor’s unique position as storyteller, writer, and artist, as well as technician. We advocate for better working conditions and codified ethical standards, and champion diversity, inclusivity, and mentorship in documentary post-production."

In short, ADE is a place for those in the documentary editing field to come together to share knowledge, strategize collective action and support each other through the challenges of this unique career.

If this all sounds good to you and you are currently working in a documentary post career, apply below!  We store member data for internal communication purposes only and will never transfer any information you submit to any third party, and we can scrub your data from our systems any time, upon request.

After you fill out this form you will receive an automated email response with instructions on how to sign up for an orientation, which is the last step in becoming a member.

(If you want to join the Alliance of Documentary Editors but are unable to fulfill any step of the process laid out here for any reason, or if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact us at and we'll get you sorted as soon as possible.)
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ADE is a collective that formed around the desire to address shared challenges in our field. We strive to create a community where editors and AEs can have candid conversations with their peers. If your primary career trajectory is something other than a documentary Editor/AE, then we may direct you to another collective or ask you to apply again later.  As long as you are active in the documentary editor/AE field or are actively and seriously pursuing that career path, you can join.  With that in mind, please check one of the following options: *
Regardless of the previous answer, tell us briefly why you are interested in joining ADE.  What are you hoping to get out of it?  No wrong answers. *
The below information is all optional, but helps ADE to have a clearer picture of the makeup of our organization and to track progress on internal equity initiatives.
How do you self-identify racially/ethnically?
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When you hit "Submit", you should receive an auto-response email with information on how to sign up for an orientation which is the final step in the intake process. If you don't see an email right away, search your spam filters for "Alliance of Documentary Editors" and make sure to whitelist us or route our future emails as desired.  Upon completion of the orientation you will be added to the main ADE email list for meeting announcements and other major news (generally 2-3 emails per month), and will be given access to the online community messageboard, as well as the Members-Only section of the ADE website, which contains useful resources for documentary editors and assistant editors that ADE members have generated over time.
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