Get Involved in Walk Wheel Windsor!

The City of Windsor is committed to improving walking, biking, transit and other active mobility options through Walk Wheel Windsor, our new Active Transportation Master Plan. We want your input on how to build a more active, healthy, vibrant, and safe community.

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback on preliminary strategies, actions and priorities being considered in the draft plan.

Active transportation includes any form of human-powered transportation like walking, cycling, skateboarding, accessing transit and persons using mobility devises.

Today, walking, cycling and transit accounts for approximately 10% of all trips in Windsor. Walk Wheel Windsor aims to increase this to 25% of all trips by 2041.

The plan includes a number of strategies and actions related to five overarching themes: Connecting Communities, Places for People, Innovation and Integration, Culture Shift, and Quality of Life.

To learn more about the Active Transportation Master Plan, please visit

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