Christmas Signed Book Contest - week 1
This is the contest entry form for the first week of the Christmas Signed Book Contest.
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This week’s titles
Lee Child - Past Tense // Michael Lewis - The Fifth Risk // Sylvia Linsteadt - The Wild Folk // Arundathi Roy - Ministry of Utmost Happiness // Anne Tyler - Clock Dance // Markus Zusak - Bridge of Clay
Daily videos
A new video is published daily, Monday–Saturday, every week until Christmas. Your task is to match the reading in the video with the correct book title.
Monday 3rd December
Video #1 Monday 3 December
Video #1 Monday 3 December is...
Tuesday 4th December
Video #2 Tuesday 4 December is...
Wednesday 5th December
Video #3 Wednesday 5 December is...
Thursday 6th December
Video #4 Thursday 6 December is...
Friday 7th December
Video #5 Friday 7 December is...
Saturday 8th December
Video #6 Saturday 8 December is...
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