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If you are interested in Exploryst as a TRAVEL CONCIERGE SITE, how much would you be willing to pay, above cost, for this level of service?
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If you are a returning user, how often do you visit Exploryst in a 30-day period?
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As a user, are you or did you visit Exploryst.com:
The disability that you or someone in your care is:
Of the following, which disability classification best represents you, your loved one, or client? Select all that apply.
Please see https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/humandevelopment/ for definitions and more details.
Are you traveling:
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From which city, state (if applicable), and country are you visiting?
Which cities or metro areas are you visiting or planning to visit within Colorado?
Which mode(s) of transportation do you typically use when traveling to and/or within Colorado? Check all that apply.
What is your typical length of stay in Colorado?
When planning travel, which of the following do you typically seek help in arranging?
What kind of accommodations do you typically arrange when planning your travels?
If you are a current user, for which aspects of travel planning are you using Exploryst?
If you could make Exploryst into whatever you wanted it to be, what would you add, change, or remove?
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