Community Seed Network Advisory Council Expression of Interest Application Form
The CSN Advisory Council is a group of volunteers, passionate about seeds and community, who guide the development of the CSN, ensuring that we stay true to our mission of connecting and supporting community seed initiatives. The council meets four times per year. Information about meeting schedule and stipends can be found in the job description, here: 

Completing and submitting this form is STEP ONE to signal your interest in serving on the Community Seed Network Advisory Council. After completing this form, please send one letter of recommendation to the attention of Steph Hughes and Jeanine Scheffert, at This letter should be original and from a member of your community who can speak to your skills and abilities, and give us a sense of what it’s like to work with you.This will complete your submission.

Deadline for submission is July 15, 2022. Questions can be directed to
Each completed submission will be carefully reviewed and all applicants will be contacted by August 31, 2022.

An effective and dynamic advisory council requires broad representation across Canada and the US in terms of geography, seed sectors, gender, age, language and cultural communities, as well as skills and experience, and - of course - passion for seed and community. Thanks so much for your interest. We look forward to reviewing your submission and being in touch.

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Please note that Advisory Council meetings will necessarily be hosted in English. However, the CSN website is currently bilingual (French) and we are currently working to offer Spanish language resources as well.
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Unfortunately we don't have resources for translation at this time so our meetings are in English only.
We’d like to get to know you. Please provide a description of your involvement with a seed community. *
You can write as much or as little as you like. We would love to hear (i) what communities or networks you’ve been part of, (ii) in what capacity, (iii) how long you’ve been saving, keeping, or working with seed, seed keepers, seed savers, gardeners, and others in your seed community.
There are three named positions on the Advisory Council. Please check the box to any/all of these positions you are interested in filling.
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Please provide a statement (up to a page) about why you’d be excited to serve on the Community Seed Network Advisory Council.
To complete this process, please send an original letter of reference to by July 15, 2022.
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