Safe Homes Network of Orange County Pledge
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The Safe Homes Network is a community of parents and other adults who have pledged NOT to provide alcohol, tobacco or other drugs to youth.
Orange Partnership for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth
Safe Homes Pledge
I pledge to do my part by:

• Not providing alcohol or allow its use by people under 21 in my home or on my property.

• Securing and monitoring quantities of alcohol in my home.

I invite and encourage contact from parents whose children are gathering in my home, and I will feel free to contact other parents if my child(ren) are going to their home.

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By providing my information below, I acknowledge my desire to participate in the Safe Homes Network of Orange County. I understand my name and other information I provide will be added to the Safe Homes of Orange County directory, which will be made available only to others in the Network. I understand this is not a legal document, but a commitment to my child(ren) and/or my community.
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For more information, call 919-942-2803 (ext 264) or email
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