What are your EXPERIENCES with your FACADE?
* EXPERIENCE refers to any kind of interaction, sensation, perception and satisfaction of the user
* FACADE refers to walls and windows of the building that separate indoor and outdoor environments (shown as colored surfaces in the typical office drawing below)
The aim of this survey, is to understand users' experiences in a working environment, related with building's facade.
This survey consists of 4 main parts. First you will be asked to provide (1) general information about yourself, (2) your working environment and facade, then you will be asked to define (3) your current comfort level, and (4) your preferred experiences. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Collected answers will be used in PhD Thesis currently named "Human Centered Adaptive Facades", to create performance criteria for a more user oriented design approach.

All the collected data are anonymous and any identification is not needed to answer the questions. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary and you can withdraw from the survey at any time. If you chose to leave, your answers will not be processed. Collected data will be used for scientific purposes and the principles of confidentiality will be protected. In order to provide data to the above mentioned research and to confirm your participation, please click the "Submit" button at the end of the survey.

Thank you for your participation.

Mine Koyaz
PhD Candidate, Istanbul Technical University, Construction Sciences Program

For your questions/comments please contact: koyaz@itu.edu.tr

* This survey is created with the collaboration of TU Delft, Architectural Engineering and Technology Department

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