Find success with remote teams
Craig Brown is hosting an AMA on finding and successfully working with remote teams.

The issue the Australian marketplace is facing is a technical skills shortage meaning cost & time to hire has gone up. This causes all sorts of pressures on growing Australian companies that use software.

This is fine if you're an employer of choice, or are an enterprise with money to throw at the problem, but start-ups and smaller businesses have an issue attracting and retaining high quality technical expertise at an affordable price point.

If you are thinking of working with overseas teams this session is for you.

Craig was a global manager of product development at Aconex, famous as Australia's largest tech exit (Sold for 1.6Bn in 2018.) In his time in Aconex he worked with teams is multiple countries and time zones. He can share tips on
Where to look for talent

1. How to select a partner in a foreign country
2. How to work successfully with partners
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