Video Reviews with Jo Hoffberg
Hi, Smarty Pants!

I'm stoked that you're interested in working on your dancing and are looking for personalized feedback. Since 2016, I've been doing video reviews for people all over the world. Most students choose this method of training because:

- we are in different locations but they are interested in working with me
- they are in a small scene, don't have the money to travel to a big event, but are ready to get some high-quality guidance
- they are performers looking for advice on their number
- they are competitors looking to clean up their material
- they are social dancers that want to look better

Is this you?

What I love about video reviews is that I can offer concise, frame-by-frame feedback that the student(s) can review after our session. This process will also teach you how to teach yourself from video so that you can work on your own more efficiently.

How it works: you send me a video of you dancing, I record my voice over the video, I'll make corrections and recommendations, and then email you the link. I typically have a 4-day turn around time, unless you need it earlier (please let me know).
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