Considerations when Educating Bilingual Learners with Identified Learning Disabilities
Description: The purpose of this eWorkshop is to create an online Professional Learning Community that supports participants’ collaboration and fosters ownership of their learning. Over the course of 15 weeks, participants engage in 6 modules that each consist of 3 sections: Explore, Make it Work, and Share. Participants will select ideas to try out in their classrooms and share their experiences with colleagues in online discussion boards and one online meeting. The essential question for this eWorkshop is: What do educators need to consider in order to effectively plan for the education of bilingual learners identified with learning disabilities?

Webinar: November 15, 2021

Modules 1-5 contain the following guiding questions that support participants in responding to the essential question during Module 6.
1. What are the learning profiles of bilingual learners with identified learning disabilities?
2. What are the laws that address the education of bilingual learners with learning disabilities? What are educators' obligations under these laws?
3. What are the factors to consider when planning instruction for bilingual learners with learning disabilities?
4. Why is it necessary for educators collaborate with qualified professionals (i.e., SLP, language specialists) when planning effective instruction for bilingual learners with learning disabilities? How can this collaboration generate educational change for bilingual learners with LDs?
5. How do educators identify, administer and evaluate instructional accommodations for bilingual learners with learning disabilities?

One online meeting not to exceed 60 minutes. PTSB credit is a possibility.

WIDA Presenter: TBD
WDE Facilitator: Antoinette Hallam, EL & Foreign Language Consultant
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