Eagle Trivia Night - April 20, 2021
Game 4 - April 20, 2021

Quick Start Registration and Answer Sheet
- Once you complete this form it will provide a link to your answer sheet for Round 1. We recommend doing this 10-15 minutes prior to when the games starts.

- Play as an individual or form a team of 6 people max (with other Jones students, your family or friends from other schools).
- Appoint 1 Person to present the stream on Google Meet (or Zoom) and 1 Person to submit questions to the form.
- Teams create their own Google Meet and present the Eagle Trivia stream.
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This field will feed into the next answer sheets. Inappropriate team names will automatically be disqualified.
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Team Members?
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Song Suggestion
School safe. We'll try to play it throughout trivia.
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