G and Cloud Apps 101
Adopted from quiz questions on http://www.proprofs.com/
What is Google Docs?
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What type of documents can be created using Google Docs? *
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After you have created your document in Google Docs, must you upload it or download it, to view or use it in word?
Please explain your answer clearly
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You can upload existing files* from your computer to Google Docs?
*Word Docs, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, PDF files, images
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You have to create an account before you can use Google Docs?
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Once you have created a Google doc, how do you share it with others
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When collaborating on a document, instead of emailing the document back and forth, Google Docs gives you the ability to:
What's the most important one -more than one maybe correct.
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What is 'cloud computing'?
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What do you need to download before using Google Docs?
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Put a check mark in the box next to all the available features of Google Docs.
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Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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