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Mosaic Dog Training, LLC does not train with any dog(s) that are aggressive, are prone to biting or have a bite history, are showing signs of resource guarding or symptoms of separation anxiety. Please consult with your Veterinarian regarding these behaviors and reach out immediately to Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin for training assistance.

If you are not sure whether these behaviors are present please email me at to discuss the best option for you and your dog.

If you have not received a reply to your application within 3 business days, please check your SPAM or trash folders, thank you
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If your answer to the question above was yes, please supply details such as how long ago, multiple dogs, what breeds, etc.
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If your dog is not crate trained, where do they spend their time when you are gone?
Veterinary and Vaccination information:
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Date of last Veterinary Visit: *
***Answer the next question if your dog is OVER 4 months of age***
What is the date of their last Rabies vaccination?
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What number in the Parvo Series has your dog received?
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(AVSAB American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior guidelines state that the first parvo and the first deworming needs to be done AT LEAST 7 DAYS prior to attending a group class. You can read the guidelines here:
If my dog is old enough to receive the Rabies vaccine, I will supply a copy of the certificate with my payment at the first class. *
What is the date of the Bordetella Vaccination (all dogs and puppies must have a current vaccination to participate in group lessons)
I will also supply a copy of all current vaccination records along with my payment at the first class. *
Does your dog have any medical issues or on any medications that I should be aware of? *
If yes, please list them below.
Does your dog have any allergies to food or the environment? *
If yes, please list below.
If necessary, may I contact your Veterinarian for clarification regarding any of the questions in this application? *
Exercise, Enrichment, Nutrition:
How much exercise (physical and mental) in minutes does your dog get each day? *
What types of physical exercise dog your dog receive on a daily basis? *
What types of enrichment (mental exercise) does your dog receive on a daily basis? This includes interaction with you. (choose all that apply): *
What brand of dog food do you feed your dog? *
How often do you feed your dog? *
What quantity of food do they receive each feeding? *
Do you free feed (leave food out all the time)? *
What kinds of treats does your dog receive on a daily basis? *
Personality and Behaviors:
What are three characteristics, personalities, and/or behaviors you love in your dog? *
What behaviors would you like to change in your dog and why? *
What would you consider your short term goals (what behaviors are most important to change quickly)? *
What would you consider your long term goals? *
Has your dog ever snapped at or bitten another animal or human? *
If you answered YES to the above question, please explain in as much detail as you can provide.
Has your dog ever shown resource guarding (being protective of) food, toys, spaces, or you or other people? *
If you answered YES to the above question, please explain in as much detail as you can.
Have you and your dog had any formal dog training? *
If yes, where and how long ago?
If you received your dog from a shelter, rescue, or another person, to your knowledge, has your dog had any formal training?
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If yes, do you know where and how long ago?
Training Equipment and Class Choice:
What type of training equipment do you use? Please mark all that apply: *
Please list any other equipment not mentioned above:
Would you be willing to try different equipment than what you are currently using? *
Select the desired class or Lesson: (discounts for shelter or rescue dogs) *
If there is any other information that you feel would be helpful to know that was not already mentioned? (This may include personal struggles, family dynamics, expectations of your dog, potential physical or mental barriers that may need to be addressed, etc.): *
If you answered YES to the above question, please explain below.
By attending training classes I acknowledge and agree to allow Mosaic Dog Training, LLC the right to record, film, photograph or capture my likeness in any media now and hereafter developed and to distribute, broadcast, use, or otherwise globally to disseminate, in perpetuity, such media without any further approval from me or any payment to me. *
Participant understands that the group class or private lesson training fees, copies of the vaccination records, DHLPP vaccines, bordetella vaccine, negative fecal test result, and rabies certificate, if applicable, are due on the first group class (orientation WITHOUT dogs) or at the start of the private lesson before training has started. Group class participants are also required to have had a recent well dog check up with their Veterinarian and discussed group class with their Veterinarian and followed all suggestions they may have before participating in a group class. Class fees are non refundable. There will be no make up time for missed classes or lessons unless agreed upon by both Mosaic Dog Training, LLC and the participant. ***Private Lesson sessions will be scheduled no longer than 1 month apart to remain an active client*** *
I will discuss the possibility of a minor attending dog training classes or private lessons with Mosaic Dog Training, LLC BEFORE the start of classes or lessons. I understand that it is not always possible for minors to attend class due to age or class dynamic and is for the safety of all concerned. I understand if it is mutually agreed upon for a minor to be present at group classes or private lessons, that a parent will be required to be present at all times and to sign an additional minor clause in the dog training waiver. *
I acknowledge that creating an effective training program will include research that may involve reaching out to other training professionals. I give Mosaic Dog Training permission to discuss training protocols with other trainers, behaviorists, and/or veterinary behaviorists who they feel can give solid advice in order to provide the best possible training outcomes *
Changes in behavior for the owner and their dog does not occur instantly and will take patience, environment management, training consistency and compliance, behavior modification techniques, and possible referral to more experienced professionals. How long it takes to modify a behavior depends on several factors including but not limited to length of time the behavior has been present, when the behavior first started and whether the lifestyle is compatible with management. There are no guarantees for how a dog will respond even with the best management and training because of several factors which can include but are not limited to life experiences, genetics, early socialization history, and prenatal development. Do you understand it will take training, time and possible additional financial resources to change yours and your dog’s behavior and that there are no guarantees of a change or a cure? *
I will wear a mask at all times when participating in group or private lessons within the facility and/or private lessons within my home. I will maintain a 6ft distance from the trainer and other participants when possible. I understand that 1 additional person can accompany me to group or private classes in the facility and are bound to follow the same guidelines as stated above. I acknowledge that all members of a household actively participating in training with follow these guidelines. I will call to reschedule my private lesson if I am sick for any reason. I will call to let the trainer know if I am sick for group class so I can schedule a virtual lesson or phone call regarding the class and to receive my homework sheets. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in being asked to leave the group session or cancellation of the private lesson without refund. *
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