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I'm trying to get my finger on the pulse of whether a handful of podcast creators who have been reasonably successful would be interested in taking part in a Podcast Mastermind aimed at helping all participants improve their shows by...

* Sharing podcast goals and strategies with the group
* Sharing personal best practices for all aspects of the process (planning, scheduling, brainstorming, recording, format, etc.)
* Giving honest feedback and critique to group members about their shows
* Supporting each other through encouragement, perspective, and sharing of member shows

+ You've been podcasting for over 8 months
+ You've been consistent in producing episodes during that time
+ You have at least one episode that has accomplished 300 downloads within the first 40 days
+ You are eager to help others through your experience
+ You are committed to a 6 month time frame - should you feel the group is right for you (after an initial call with all group members)
COST: $75/mo


DURATION: 1 1/2 hours

MEMBERS: 5 at most

COMMITMENT: This is a high-commitment group - those who opt-in and are accepted to the group are expected to attend, no excuses. The group must be a priority if it is to benefit its members. (Emergencies excepted)

+ 10 minutes landing time & accountability from previous weeks
+ 35 minute "hot seat" for two group members (each)
+ 10 minutes self-assignment and commitment
+ This gives 2 people the opportunity to receive focused attention each week

LEADERSHIP: Carey Green - Founder, Consultant, and Coach at www.PodcastFastTrack.com - I'll be guiding the conversations, holding us to our meeting agenda, and "coaching" from my experience as is applicable. My normal consulting fee for this kind of thing alone is $199/hour, so figure that in to your consideration.
+ I (Carey) will evaluate all members for fit, match with qualifications, and other pertinent issues

+ Within a month you'll hear whether there was sufficient interest or if the group will NOT be going forward

+ Should the group move forward, you will be told if you are a good fit for this first group

+ All potential group members will be invited to a group Zoom call (1 hour) to get to know each other

+ You'll have one week after the call to decide if you want to participate

+ At that time, we'll schedule our first official group meeting, set up monthly payments, and get with it!
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