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Enrol for our salsa classes by using this form!
After completing the form, we will contact you by mail to confirm your place and to give the payment details.

Our classes take place in Heverlee. The precise location will soon be revealed... for now that's our secret ;-)

For the partnerwork classes, we kindly ask you to enrol together with a dance partner. In case you are looking for a dance partner, contact us and we will do our best to help you. Due to limited capacity following corona measures, enrolments work on a first come first serve basis.
If you are looking for a dance partner, join this Whatsapp group:

Price for 1 series of 10 classes: € 80
Price for 2 series of 10 classes: € 150

See you very soon on the dance floor!!
Katrin, Tina, Agne and Sean
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Name of your dance partner? (Mandatory for partnerwork classes. For solo classes, you can write 'solo'). Your dance partner also needs to register in a seperate form. *
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Class descriptions
Solo Cuban style dance class with respect for Cuban culture, musicality and for sure… a good cardio ;-)
The classes are open level, ideal for everyone who wants to dance with more self-confidence, look more natural and add men/ladies styling. These classes also have the advantage that no dance partner is needed.

Partnerwork classes revealing the basic techniques of salsa. At least 10 classes experience needed.

Partnerwork classes expanding your 'moves' database. At least 20 classes experience needed.

Partnerwork classes expanding your 'moves' database and additional focusing on styling. At least 20 classes experience needed.
Which classes do you want to follow this trimester? *
Week schedule (10 weeks)
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COVID-19 measures
Sports are allowed in bubbles of 50, within this bubble you do not need to keep a distance. We further limit the amount of students in our classes, so that every person has enough space. Enrolling beforehand is mandatory.
Couple dances are allowed. For the partnerwork classes, we ask you to enroll with a dance partner. This way, we avoid an unbalance which would give the need to switch partner regularly during class.
There is no rotation between the couples in the partnerwork classes, but we allow rotation from week to week, i.e. you dance one week the whole hour with the same partner and you switch a partner next week. Changing partners is not mandatory, fixed couples can dance together throughout the trimester.

In this period some extra precautions are necessary. Therefore keep in mind that:
- Places are limited, with careful attention to the balance. Enrolments are on a first come, first serve basis.
- When entering and leaving the building, face masks are mandatory. We will follow the situation in Belgium concerning the use of face masks in class.
- Don't come to class when you are feeling unwell. Wash hands before and after the class.
- Classes will last 1h10 with 10 minutes break for aeration. After the class is finished, we kindly ask to leave the dance hall. It is allowed to have drinks in the bar.
- It will only be possible to take the whole series of 10 classes.
- We ask for your e-mail and phone number, for the purpose of contact tracing. We will also use it to keep you up to date, should anything change regarding your class!

If you have more questions please feel free to contact us!
I have read, understood and will follow the guidelines regarding Covid-19 *
I have read and accept the general conditions *
I am prepared to have fun! *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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