Triathlon Strategic Planning Fraternity Survey
Dear members and friends of Triathlon,

Thank you for taking the the time to share your ideas and suggestions on how the triathlon ecosystem and be further enhanced and supported in the coming years. Your inputs and feedback will be evaluated and incorporate into the final Multi Year Sports Plan submission to Sport Singapore and guide the overall direction, support and management of triathlon here in Singapore.

Thank you
Triathlon Association of Singapore

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1) Establishing a unique identity and brand for triathlon
How can triathlon be better branded and promoted?
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2) Growing the pool of triathletes.
How can we encourage more individuals and talented athletes to take up the sport of triathlon? How can we create an inviting, dynamic and attractive environment for the sport
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3) Encouraging Coaching, Technical and Officiating development.
Outline how these key sport components can be encourage and enhance to support the foreseeable growth of triathlon
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4) TAS plans to take an active role and leadership in the development of Triathlon
Outline the role and function that you see TAS undertaking as the National body for triathlon here in Singapore
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5) Developing deeper partnership and corporation in the sport ecosystem
How can we encourage greater synergy and partnership between participants, clubs, event organisers and sponsors.
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Other Inputs
Please input other suggestions and ideas for consideration and inclusion into the plan
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