Application Form of NamePrism API Access
NamePrism is a non-commercial nationality/ethnicity classification tool that aims to support academic research, e.g. sociology and demographic studies. In this project, we learn name embeddings for name parts (first/last names) and classify names to 39 leaf nationalities and 6 U.S. ethnicities.
This application form is intended for NamePrism users who need large scale predictions.
General Purpose of Your Project
Role of NamePrism's Output in the Project
Source of the Names
IP Address to Access NamePrism API
Start/End Dates of API Access
Intended API Access Rate
To make the server sustainable, 3 requests/second or below is suggested.
Amount of the Names
My request of NamePrism API usage is only intended for academic research. I will not use it for commercial purpose.
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