Arete Chapter Leader Inquiry
Help us get to know you and why you'd be an awesome Arete leader for your city!
Know the role before you do the application!
1. Running: You have a STRONG background and knowledge in running. Preferably you ran for a high school or collegiate team.You love to run, improve, push yourself and help others do the same.
2. Leadership: You love to lead by example and support other women succeed in running.
3. Communicate: You are an open and honest communicator with your teammates and share information with & from Arete headquarters & to your local chapter.
4. Community: You're all about building and supporting a local running community.
5. Inclusive: You understand that runners come in every shape, speed, size, with various goals, and you are up for the challenge of making every runner feel welcome.
6. Social Media Skills: You have fairly savvy instagram and facebook skills or are willing to learn how to share the Arete love through these platforms.
7. Reliable, punctual, dedicated: You show up where and when you're supposed to, and on the occasion that you cannot, you have a second in command.
8. Connected: You are connected to other individuals who love to run and can support the Arete mission. You know your community, the best spots to run, and the best ways to spread the word. You're confident you can recruit at least 10 members.
9. Outgoing: You thrive in community settings. You are comfortable with enthusiastically supporting strangers and welcoming them into the Arete family. You are willing to stretch outside your comfort zone to do this.
10. Confident: You are confident in yourself and aware of any insecurities so that you can support other women on the journey. You believe in yourself and the Arete mission of women runners empowering women in a club and community setting.
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Tell us about your relationship with running. How long have you been running? What's your favorite part? Hardest part? What gets you to lace up and get out the door? *
What does running community mean to you? *
Why do you want to be a Leader? Why do you think you'd be a good Arete Leader in your city? What qualities do you possess that would make you an awesome women's running club leader? *
Time commitment and nitty gritty.
While your main job is to build positive women's running community, there are some important details that will help build your Arete chapter.
Are you available one weekend morning to lead a meet-up run? *
What is your preferred form of communication with a group setting?
Can you commit to posting an inspiring photo of your group to social media two times per week?
Clear selection
Do you have at least one location in your city that would be a good group run meet-up spot? *
Are you able to recruit at least 10 ladies for your team? *
Are you comfortable communicating information (workouts, membership details, etc.) from Mary and Melissa with your group? *
Are you okay with us sharing parts of the above information about you through various communication forms (social media, website, email), so that we can help others get to know you? *
Final thoughts:
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, running, and why you're stoked? If so, please share!
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