11.11 Make A Wish - Save A Life 5K
Join Westside DECA and The Kim Foundation on November 11, 2018 4pm at Towl Park as we 'Make a Wish to Save a Life'.
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I acknowledge that participation in a running event can be a dangerous activity. I understand that risks include injury/death from such hazards as weather conditions, falls, contact with the road, motor vehicle traffic, contract with other participants, and other potential hazards. I acknowledge that this event involves strenuous physical activity and that I am (or signing for a child under age 19, my minor child is) in the physical condition to participate in this event. In consideration for allowing myself (or my minor child) to participate in this event, I hereby release on my own behalf and/or on behalf of my minor child, and forever discharge Westside Community schools, along with its employees, agents and members, from any and all liability (except liability injuries which arise out of gross negligence or willful or wanton misconduct) resulting from , or in any way connected with my participation (or my minor child's participation) in this event. Signature:
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$20 Registration Payment Options
1. Pay electronically by visiting https://westside-high-school-online-store.mycloveronline.com/ and selecting the 11.11 5K Race Registration under Feature Products.
2. Send a cash or check to Westside DECA in the mail to Westside High School c/o Westside DECA 8701 Pacific Street Omaha, NE 68114.
3. Pay cash the day of the race at check-in (shirt not guaranteed).
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