Community Voice Survey... we want to listen to what you need to say.

How are you going? This used to be a casual question, but it has taken on a much deeper meaning lately.

We would really like to hear about how life is for you now; what is going well for you and what your challenges are. By listening to what you have to say, we can better understand what we can do to help our community be safe, well and strong.

Thank you for completing this short survey. All responses will be anonymous.

From the team at Belong Blue Mountains.
1. What kind of community do you want to live in right now?
2. How has life been for you, your family and friends since the Summer Bushfires and Covid-19?
3. What have you found most helpful during this time?
4. What are the biggest challenges you have now?
5. What do you think local Community & Neighbourhood Service organisations need to do to better support you and your community now?
What is your Postcode? (To help us understand where the issues and needs are.) *
What is your Age Group? (To help us understand the issues and needs of different groups.) *
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