Letters to a Lost Millennial
Thanks for agreeing to submit to the new podcast I am developing. The general premise is I want to create short episodes reading encouraging letters from fellow millennials or others to build a sense of community and let millennials know they are not alone, and don't have to stay feeling lost! This will be for any millennial but particularly those who feel lost, burned out, confused about their life mission, etc.

Feel free to write about whatever you think will resonate with millennials. Career, love, loss, finances, identity, mental health, etc. I would particularly love to hear from people who have gone against the grain, made pivots in life or career, or feel that their hardships or feelings may resonate with others out there!

Note: By entering your letter here you agree to have it read "on air." If you leave your contact info I will contact you before to get any more details and confirm. If you want to remain anonymous feel free to sign with a self-descriptor if you like (burned out lawyer, fellow millennial, or simply anonymous)
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