Protect Northern Virginians from Predatory Towing:Opposition to HB 1960 and SB 1468
Trespass towing is a necessary and valuable service, but in recent years Northern Virginia has seen a significant increase in predatory towing practices where vehicles are towed in the pure pursuit of profits instead of the express needs of business owners or the municipality. Some Northern Virginia municipalities have responded to the public concern over these practices by updating their local ordinances to further protect consumers.

State legislators in Richmond, however, have taken the side of the towing lobby during the 2017 legislative session. Currently before the legislature are House Bill 1960 (Hugo-R) and Senate Bill 1468 (Marsden-D) which both only apply to Planning District 8 (Northern Virginia) and would invalidate local ordinances enacted to curb predatory towing practices. Other municipalities in the commonwealth, such as Stafford County and Virginia Beach, that have enacted local towing ordinances are exempt from these bills. These bills would increase the towing fees in Northern Virginia, requires the chair of the Towing Advisory board to be a representative from a tow-truck company, and would strip municipalities in Northern Virginia of their ability to regulate towing practices at the local level.

Please join us in opposing the state's overreach and sign this petition in opposition of HB 1960 and SB 1468.

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