IFL Application to Contribute 2020
Welcome to the International Festival of Learning and thank you for your interest in speaking or suggesting ideas!

Please be aware that Steering Group policy is such that we are not in a position to pay individual speakers who are directly linked to education, but we do offer lunch and full, free access to the festival for you and a colleague. The IFL has become one of the most sought after speaking slots for people who have something to offer, and who also wish to maintain and develop their profile among some of the most prolific and exciting speakers around.

As a not-for-profit premier event, led by a steering group of headteachers, CEOs, business leaders and local authority representatives, the philosophy and atmosphere is unique because people want to be part of a movement of people with a passion for education. It's a great opportunity to enjoy a mutually rich experience within a 'honeypot' network of other professionals, as well as giving you an opportunity to promote your brand or service. There are some wonderful speakers and content, and we hope you will enjoy the day!

- All decisions on speakers / contributors are signed off by the Steering Group. (If your proposal is not chosen, it may be due to a number of variables - including anything from duplicate content already curated to a need for content in other theme areas)
- We provide speakers with free entry + 1
- We provide free lunch for all speakers
- An opportunity to promote publications, brand or resources
- We can offer a heavily discounted price for others you may wish to invite with a discount code

You can return to this form at a later date once submitted should you need to update / change. If you do - please notify us of changes at festival@rweducation.org / subject: updated form

The minimum information we need at the start of the process is as follows:

- Name, email, company, position, phone
- Link to or file of your photo and / or logo (optimised for web, not print - e.g. from image search / LinkedIn)
- Working title of session (this can be simple / broad in the early stages and can be updated later)
- Any other information you would like to enhance your profile with

Thanks for offering content and ideas. We really appreciate your time and intention to support the movement!
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Links to web-optimised photos (ideally between 30KBB - 150KB) or video - hosted on YouTube / Vimeo etc. or file upload here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/nnis2uf6lKCeDQrINBj0
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If you are the link person for someone else, (e.g. a P.A) please add your name and email address:
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Do you have / can you add an evidence led international perspective linked to your session / idea? (i.e. experience, research, communications) Examples might include "how an international education system is different from the UK"; "how teachers from X deliver Y and what the impact is"; "What can be learnt from X country's method"; "Research on the subject from X says Y" etc. (This is not essential). *
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Other area of focus not listed in our themes in the previous question
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