BGHS Title I Parent Survey 2020-2021
Please respond to the questions below to guide us in our decision making processes.
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1. I am kept well informed of the academics, activities, and athletics at BGHS. *
2. I receive clear information regarding my child's academic progress. *
3. I have reviewed the BGHS Title 1 Parent Engagement Plan. *
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4. BGHS is parent-friendly. *
5. Do you feel your child is safe at BGHS? *
6. What limits your participation in your child’s school activities, meetings, or conferences? (check all that apply) *
7. BGHS staff openly communicates with me when it comes to decisions concerning my child. *
8. What is the best way to communicate with you and your family? (check all that apply) *
9. What type of training/programs would you like for the school to provide parents? (check all that apply)
10. If you selected a category above, please provide a specific course request.
11. How would you rate the instruction your child receives at BGHS? *
12. How likely are you to recommend BGHS to friends or colleagues? *
Please indicate if you are interested in any of the following so we may contact you. If you are interested in volunteering or would like to receive information about courses we may develop, please provide your Last Name, First Name.
Please provide your last name, first name if you checked any of the boxes above or if you wish to be entered into the drawing to win the Air Pods.
If you provided your name, please list your email or phone number so we can reach out to you.
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