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Are you a Judge with any of the following organizations: AKC, UKC, NACSW, Performance Scent Dogs, Sniffing Dog Sports, C-Wags, ABC K9 Games, Barn Hunt or Earth Dog?
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Judge Application Agreement
Applicant agrees to abide by all USCSS™ Rules at all sponsored USCSS™ sanctioned trials and events. Applicant agrees to follow the model of USCSS™ in making the pursuit of Scent Work fun and enjoyable for all involved, including competitors, spectators, trial officials, volunteers and, most importantly, the dogs. Applicant agrees to treat each spectator, competitor, trial official, trial volunteer and dog at all USCSS™ sanctioned events fairly and without bias of any kind. Failure to abide by the USCSS™ rules, or being involved in any actions which may result in a negative impact on the Club and/or USCSS™, may result in temporary or permanent suspension as a USCSS™ Judge. Applicant understands that the ability to act as an approved USCSS™ Judge is contingent upon this Agreement and may be withdrawn at any time, with or without notice. Applicant agrees to pay the $25.00 processing fee upon submitting this Application. Applicant will receive a notification from USCSS™ within two (2) weeks from submitting the Application as to whether they are approved as a Judge. Once approved, the Judge will be added to the USCSS™ Yahoo email group and will approved to officiate USCSS™ sanctioned trials and events. All Judges have 6-months from the approval of their Applications to attend a 2-Day Judge and CSD Certification Workshop. All Judges also agree to abide by the continuing education requirements set by the USCSS™. If at any time the Judge wishes to revoke their status, they may do so by contacting the USCSS™ at
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