Petition to Make Tufts University a Sanctuary Campus
Dear President Monaco, Provost Harris, Chairman Dolan, and Tufts Administration,

In the wake of the recent Presidential election, we—the undersigned students, faculty, alumni, workers, and families—urge you to take immediate steps to make Tufts University a sanctuary campus for all undocumented community members. The Tufts undocumented community includes Tufts students, their families, staff, workers, and any undocumented person who enters our campuses (“community members”). A sanctuary campus protects and supports undocumented community members, and the demands listed below will ensure that Tufts upholds their safety. We write in solidarity with other students and workers across the country who have called upon their own schools to take similar action.

In the spring of 2015, Tufts University announced the following change in policy: “Tufts’ core values include a commitment to equal opportunity, inclusion, accessibility, and diversity. Therefore, Tufts welcomes all undergraduate applicants regardless of citizenship status. Undocumented students, with or without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), who apply to Tufts are treated identically to any other U.S. citizen or permanent resident.” In a letter to the Tufts community on November 13, 2015, President Monaco stated: “Building an inclusive environment does not happen by accident, and we cannot ask those who have suffered most from racism to bear the burden of overcoming it. What is required is collective dedication and purposeful action. We can build a better future if we come together as a community to achieve the shared goal of a university that truly welcomes and serves each other and the wider society.”

In making this crucial policy change and espousing the values above, Tufts has committed itself to protecting not only undocumented Tufts students, but all undocumented people. Now, Trump’s politics promise to put our undocumented community at unprecedented risk. This threat to undocumented community members requires a concrete and tangible response from the University—not just words or symbolic gestures.

Given the internal 2011 DHS memo which declares that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are subject to certain restrictions upon entering college campuses, Tufts is in a unique position to protect its undocumented community members from law enforcement. It is the duty of this University to ensure that it remains a place that actively protects the rights and safety of its community.

Thus, we demand:
- Tufts University, including lands or structures owned, used, or occupied by the university, and places where university business is conducted, must be a place of sanctuary for undocumented community members who enter the previously mentioned spaces.
- Tufts must guarantee undocumented community members’ privacy by refusing to release information regarding the immigration status of our community members and by refusing to comply with immigration authorities regarding deportations or raids.
- Tufts must provide professional immigration legal services, attempt to claim jurisdiction, and ban ICE and other immigration enforcement officials from the previously mentioned spaces to protect undocumented community members.
- Tufts must institute an Office for Undocumented Student Support to serve as a resource center for undocumented students and students of mixed-legal status families, actively defending students from threat of deportation given the imminent, divisive political climate.

Considering that our community members now live in fear of Trump's deportation threats, we call upon the University to immediately develop a protocol for becoming a sanctuary campus before the President-elect is sworn into office.

If Tufts fails to act, our university’s articulated commitments to diversity, justice, and inclusion will reveal themselves to be empty promises. At this moment, we cannot afford silence.

Awaiting Your Action,

Lupita Rodriguez, Class of 2019
Diego Espinoza Rodriguez, Class of 2019
Akua Agyen, Class of 2018
Carlos Lopez Rodriguez, Class of 2019
Emma Kahn, Class of 2018
Jennifer Solano, Class of 2019
Blaine Dzwonczyk, Class of 2017
Greg Berumen, Class of 2019
Olivia Dehm, Class of 2017
Jenny Duong, Class of 2017
Ramon Fernandes, Class of 2020
Guadalupe Garcia, Class of 2019
Hernán Gallegos, Class of 2019
John Lurz, Assistant Professor, Dept of English
Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor, A&S
Ricky Crano, Ph.D., Lecturer
Nesi Altaras, Class of 2019
Anna C. Cruz, PhD; CHAT at Tufts
Merissa Jaye tufts student
Vitoria Fonseca, Class of 2019
Miranda Perez, Class of 2018
Hope Schaitkin, Fletcher Class of 2018
Joelle Tollefson, Class of 2018
Jesse Najarro, student
Anique Barch
Lorenza Ramirez, Class of 2018
Shaiza Anwar, MSOT, Class of 2017
Morgan Griffiths, Class of 2018
Donna Chen, Class of 2019
Benjamin Kesslen, Class of 2018
Celeste Teng, Class of 2019
Jukurious Davis, Class of 2018
Hannah Freedman, Tufts 2017
Ana Sofia Amieva-Wang, Class of 2019
Michelle Chan, Class of 2019
Jake Jiler
Patricia Ornelas, Class of 2020
Allison Qiang, Class of 2019
Ania Ruiz, Class of 2018
Layne Keating, Tufts LA 2015
Hannah Nahar, Class of 2018
Walae Hayek
Madeleine Onstwedder, Class of 2018
Sam Slate, Class of 2018
Kelsey Narvaez,class of 2020
Scott Geldzahler, Alumni
Ari Gizzi, Class of 2018
Zach Essig, Class of 2020
Kirk Jackson, Class of 2015
Julia O'Gara, undergraduate ASE
Javier Licardie, Class of 2019
Elise Sommers, Class of 2019
James Gordon
Daniel Cummings, Class of 2016
Yareliz Diaz, Alumna
Bruno Olmedo, Class of 2017
Mary Cross, 2016
Allison McGuirk, Class of 2019
Philip Hicks, Tufts University Class of 2018
Eliza Schreibman, Class of 2017
Miranda Siler, Class of 2017
Mary-Paule Monks, Class of 2019
Chloe Malouf, Class of 2020
Emma Pinsky, Class Of 2019
Roger Hooker 2018
Anna Sossenheimer
Neha Bhatia, Class of 2017
Carolyn Margulies, Class of 2018
Emma Mitchell-Sparke, Class of 2020
Katie Saviano, Class of 2017
Darby Young, Class of 2017
Jon Garniss
Allie Van Horn, Class of 2019
Jerald Wood, Class of 2019
Doo-yun Her, Class of 2018
Nina Hofkosh-Hulbert, Class of 2018
Camille Carlisle, Class of 2019
Hannah Deegan, Class of 2015
Ariel Luque, Class of 2017
Mia Lambert, Class of 2019
Ezgi Yazici, Class of 2020
Isabel Falls, Class of 2019
Chelsie Dang, Friend
Anjalique Knight, class of 2019
Natalie Bohm, Class of 2020
Emma Rosenthal, Class of 2018
Sara Schiff, Class of 2018
Toluwanimi Akinyemi, Class of 2018
Matias Ramos, Communications Coordinator
Sarah Tilton, Class of 2017
Bethany Kirby, Class of 2019
Hawley Brown, Class of 2020
Liam Easton-Calabria, Class of 2018
Mateo Davis, Class of 2018
Alex DeBellis, Student of Tufts University
Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn, class of 2016
Jessica Silverman, Class of 2019
Grace Yuh, Class of 2019
Madeline Doctor, Class of 2017
Lily Hartzell, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Bishop, Class of 2018
Eric Glickman-Tondreau, class of 2015
Sabrina McMillin, Class of 2015
Sarah Bales, Class of 2018
Danielle Pace, Class of 2019
Joshua Cohen, Class of 2019
Isabel Machlin, class of 2019
Sophie Pearlman
Madison Silver, Class of 2018
Kellie Chin, Class of 2018
Sophie Pearlman, 2018
Elana Liebow-Feeser, class of 2018
Sara Goldstein-Weiss, Class of 2018
Ethan Whitman, Class of 2019
Margaret Stratton, Class of 2016
Justin Reyes, Class of 2020
Lucy Purinton, Class of 2018
Sabina Vaught, Director, WGSS, Chair, Education
Andrew Núñez, Class of 2015
Joshua Berl, Class of 2017
Cyrus Veyssi, Class of 2017
Marina Rakhilin, Class of 2018
Andrew Tegeler, Class of 2018
Evan Cook, Class of 2019
Emily Steele, Class of 2018
Anna Kimura, Class of 2018
Nate Krinsky, Class of 2019
Leah Stern, 2019
Gladys Argueta Xiloj, Class of 2018
Charles Wood, Class of 2016
Samuel Zollman, Class of 2015
Isha Patnaik, Class of 2017
Anita Ramaswamy, Class of 2019
Jenna Sherman, Class of 2017
Danielle Poindexter, Class of 2016
Anna Gooch, Class of 2017
Tatiana Doyle, Class of 2019
Avneet Soin
Zoe Schoen, Class of 2019
Priya Vaishampayan, Class of 2018
Anna Ellis, Classs of 2018
Ann Elizabeth Yacoubian, Class of 2014
Max Ribbans, Class of 2017
Irene Ushomirsky, MAT 2017
Amber Kendall, Class of 2017
Jonas Procton, Class of 2019
Soerny Cruz, Class of 2016
Daniel Knight, Class of 2019
Cassandra Feldman, Class of 2018
Rachel G. Rubinstein
Priyanka Dharampuriya, Class of 2015
Dana Hemmert, Class of 2018
Allegra iliadi alexiou class of 2019
Elaine Mondy M.A. 2018
Daniel Thomson, Class of 2018
Becca MacLean, Class of 2017
Harry Mintz, Class of 2018
Tucker Jaenicke, Class of 2019
Jacob Kronenberg, E18
Dorie Campbell
Juliette Vrod, Class of 2018
Modhumita Roy, Department of English
Brian Taintor, Class of 2018
Susan Setnik, Classics
Conrad Young
Sarah Pinto, Chair, Anthropology
Chelsea Wagner, MAT 2017
Harry Paul, Class of 2018
Jenna Fleming, Adjunct Faculty
Sobhon Khairy, Class of 2019
Avery Spratt, Class of 2018
Katherine Stiegemeyer, Class of 2018
Cait Deneen, Class of 2017
Gregory Kulchyckyj, Class of 2019
Rachael Robinson, Class of 2017
Shakera Bramwell, community
Julia Grace, Class of 2018
Rachel Kornetsky, Class of 2017
Olivia Carle, Class of 2017
Sophie Zamarripa, 2018
Emily Sim, Class of 2019
Grace Konstantin, Class of 2019
Sibonay Koo, Class of 2017
Asa David Carter, Class of 2014
Elise Harris, CSHD
Justin Zaslavsky, Class of 2019
Norah Flynn, GSAS
Laura Donovan, Class of 2018
Dana Howe, Class of 2015
Sivi Satchithanandan, Class of 2019
Abigail Schmidt, Class of 2019
Molly Rothschild, 2015
Elisabeth Frick, Class of 2019
Douglas Berger, Class of 2019
Sophie Greenenbaum, Class of 2018
Samantha Berg, 2017
Haley Short, Class of 2018
Nicholas Golden, Class of 2016
Dafni Frohman, Class of 2019
Ashley Bucklin, Veterinary Class of 2020
Elizabeth Dossett, class of 2019
Mateo Galeano Londoño, Class of 2018
Audrey Falk
Hannah Ryde, Class of 2017
Katherine Glass, Class of 2018
Kathryn Jason, Class of 2019
Brad Macomber, TTS
Maya Blackstone, Class of 2017
Isabelle Guerrier, Class of 2018
Reed Collins, Class of 2019
Arif Hafeez LUCOM
Sasha Hulkower, Class of 2019
Nick Whitney, MA 2018
Madeline Lee, Class of 2019
Ashley Alphonse, Class of 2019
Julia Okun, Class of 2018
Andres Almanza, Class of 2020
Maya DeBellis, Class of 2018
Kimberly Pentel, Class of 2011
Alexandra Minter, Class of 2015
Cecilia Rodriguez, Class of 2019
Aparna Dasaraju, Class of 2016
adrienne caldwell
Max Fathy, Class of 2014
Max Cooper, Class of 2019
Tobey Solomon-Auger, Class of 2019
Andrew Jefferies, Class of 2019
Jose Lopez, Class of 2017
Emily Kibbe, Class of 2020
Caroline Kaufman, class of 2020
Jarod Gowgiel, class of 2019
Garrett Gilmore class of 2012
Alexis O'Connell, Class of 2016
Parker Breza, Class of 2019
Matthew Johnson, Class of 2019
Tucker Sjoblad, Class of 2017
Isaac Mudge 2019
Meaghan Annett, Class of 2017
Miriam Priven, class of 2017
Jian Xiong Lim, Class of 2017
Gabi Mendick, Class of 2017
Atreyo Sinha, Class of 2017
Mario Gomez-Hall, Class of 2015
Amaya Contreras Driggs, Class of 2018
Anthony Nguyen, Class of 2018
Hayley Carabello, Class of 2018
Jason Doll, DVM/MPH 2020
Alexandra Claman, Class of 2019
Tomo Iwasaki, Class of 2019
Mary Snyder, Class of 2017
Danielle Golub, Class of 2019
Akshita Vaidyanathan, Class of 2016
Michelle Asamoah, Clas of 2019
Grant Sisson, Class of 2018
Sayaka Koga, Class of 2018
Wilson Wong, Class of 2019
Joseph Leone, Class of 2016
Claire Pinkham, Class of 2018
Madeline Oliff, Class of 2020
Chelsea Wang, Class of 2018
Megan Rivkin, Class of 2020
Chase Gregory, Tufts University 2012
Eran Sabaner, Class of 2019
Basile Moreau, 2020
Julia Mason Wedgle, Class of 2015
Susan Kaufman, Class of 2017
Jackson Horwitz, Class of 2016
Cecily Lo, Class of 2017
Danielle mulligan class of 2017
Julie Doten, Class of 2018
Coralys De Jesus, Class of 2019
Sam Weiser, Class of 2017
Amanda Porter, Class of 2018
Christopher Camacho, Class of 2020
Evan Sayles, A18
Bruce Bausk, Class of 2016
Julie Margolies, Class of 2015
Ben Thorne, class of 2019
Rebecca Redelmeier, Class of 2019
Ellen Ehrnrooth, Class of 2020
Margaret Gorguissian, Class of 2019
Shelley Kwok, Class of 2019
Eimy Bonilla, Class of 2015
Hannah Brady, Class of 2017
Emily Grussing, Class of 2019
Brittany Mitro, Class of 2018
Corinne Thomas, Class of 2018
Petrina Chan, student
Sabrina Ghaus, Class of 2014
Ana-Maria Murphy-Teixidor, Class of 2017
Charles Peskin Class of 2018
Mar Freeman, Class of 2019
Nicola Thomsom, Class 2016
Jesse Greenfield, Class of 2019
Zoe Miller Class of 2018
Steven Tran Class of 2017
Kyle Lui, Class of 2019
Anni Mudick, Class of 2019
Nicole McHenry, Class of 2020
Barton Liang, E16, EG17
Anna Chatillon, Class of 2012
Mitchell Katz, Class of 2017
Niki van Manen Class of 2019
John Perella, Ed.D Adjunct Professor, Education
Deborah Mayo, Class of 2019
Vanessa Torrice, Class of 2017
Anéya Sousa, Class of 2020
Talia Inbar, class of 2019
Carina Vargas-Nunez
Lucia Francese, Class of 2019
Lauren Richey
Caitlin Lauchlan, MSOT student
Stephanie Moffat, Class of 2018
Daniel Friedman, Class of 2017
Margaret Young, class of 2014
Madison Haskins, Class of 2019
Alison Lee Sikowitz, Class of 2016
Miguel Rodriguez Santos, Class of 2018
Claudia Aliff, Class of 2017
Benjamin Corey, Class of 2018
Ana Morales Class of 2013
Miriam Weiss, Class of 2019
Maude Plucker, Class of 2018
Mia Marrazza, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Leonard, Class of 2017
Erika Marmol, Class of 2017
Kai McGuire, Class of 2018
Tim Blewett, Class of 2018
Harris Fitzgerel, Class of 2017
Julie Sanduski Class of 2017
Tyler Jung, Class of 2019
Evie Heffernan, Class of 2018
Dana Bradley, Class of 2016
Gil Jacobson, Class of 2019
Cassandra slater, class 2018
Jehan Madhani, Class of 2016
Amrutha Chintalapudi, Class of 2019
Janki Shingala, Class of 2018
Phoebe Cavise, Class of 2018
Sage Scanlon-Perez, Class of 2019
Erin Sifre, Class of 2018
Saba Kohli Dave, Class of 2017
Melissa Adler Class of 2018
John Fernandez, Class of 2020
Madeleine Duke, Class of 2019
Christin Mujica, Class of 2017
Matthew Zayas-Bazan, Class of 2020
Caroline Enloe, Class of 2020
Caroline Goswami, Class of 2020
Amanda Rose, Class of 2019
Anna Rodriguez, class of 2018
Lauren Dierker, Class of 2018
Sharon Grosso, Class of 2020
Tai Williams, Class of 2017
Emily Weinrebe, Class of 2016
Elif Ölmez
Elana Sanford, Class of 2018
Rachel Canowitz, Class of 2017
Jennifer Sanduski, Class of 2013
Marisol Consuegra , Class of 2018
Emily Levinson, Class of 2019
Katie Windham, Class of 2019
Aditi Wagh, Postdoctoral scholar, Dept of Education, Tufts
Nick Perricone, Class of 2012
Elise Lee, Class of 2017
Danielle Burton, Class of 2018
David Ferrándiz, Class of 2017
San Akdag, Class of 2019
Erica Feldman, Class of 2014
Lucy Zwigard, Class of 2018
Sarah Zheng, Class of 2016
Tessa Ruben, Class of 2014
Mary Lipscomb, Class of 2017
Sarah Wolfson, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Gall, class of 2015
Aaron Brooks, university of Melbourne
Tess Cotter, Class of 2018
Cristelle Baskins, faculty
Alex Iskenderian, Class of 2019
Aidan Fike, Class of 2020
Annapurna English, Class of 2017
Kristine Moran, Class of 2018
Grant Fox, Class of 2017
Ashley Miller, Class of 2018
Anjali Nair, Class of 2017
Brianda Hernandez, tisch college of civic life, Talloires network
Thomas Coons, ME19
Laura Lasko
Zoe Baghdoyan, Class of 2017
Alex Aronson Class of 2019
Ross Bretherton, Class of 2018
Adam Kercheval, Class of 2018
Lily Rudin, Class of 2019
Morgan Kee, Class of 2014
Amanda Strawhacker
Benya Kraus, Class of 2018
Daniel Thomson, Class of 2018
Gabriella Bova, Class of 2018
Shelby Luce, Class of 2017
Sophia Pucci
Bailey Werner, Class of 2017
Kyle Paul, Class of 2018
Renee Brody, Class of 2019
Erika Brown, Class of 2012
Denise Ryan Saviano, parent, class of 2017
Shai Slotky, Class of 2017
Gonzalo Miranda, Class of 2019
Jenna Howard-Delman
Shannon Lee, Class of 2020
Claire Trilling, Class of 2019
Michaela Beck, Class of 2017
Cierra Thompson, Class of 2015
Lyla Wilton, Class of 2016
Jeremy Ravinsky, Class of 2014
Deanna Baris, Class of 2018
Zachary-Michael Lane, Class of 2020
Rita Wang, Class of 2017
Robert Joseph, Class of 2015
Melissa Baptista, Class of 2018
Matt Shenton, Class of 2019
Charlie Zhen, Class of 2019
Madeline Weisburg, Class of 2013
Katerina Kakkis, Class of 2020
Sharon Cho, BA '11, MA '17
Daniel Thomson, Class of 2018
Libby Arford, Class of 2017
Lishu Liao, Class of 2020
Kayla Glick, Class of 2013
Alice Wasserman, Class of 2017
Jack Biedermann, Class of 2018
Nicholas Vance Matthews, Class of 2018
Claire Connolly, Class of 2019
Sara Arman, Class of 2019
Torrence Otten, Class of 2016
Jackie Faselt, Class of 2017
Avram Block, Class of 2019
Sean Lee, Class of 2019
Ariana Hajmiragha, MA Candidate, Department of Education
Andrew Page, Class of 2015
Lylee Rauch-Kacenski, MA 2017
Eliza Davis, Class of 2018
Molly Tunis, Class of 2020
Phillip Goldberg, class of 2018
Ariel Barbieri-Aghib, Class of 2018
Robert Hayes, GS '17
Liliana Schmitt, Class of 2017
Chan Hiu Ki, Class of 2018
Belén Farias, Class of 2020
Dana Grotenstein, Class of 2020
Katelyn Durbin, DVM Class of 2020
Alexander Bauer, Class of 2020
Rebecca Morris, Class of 2016
Nicholas Fallah, Class of 2018
Nicolas Avalle Embree, Class of 2020
Federico Silva, Class of 2017
Cameron Eck, Class of 2018
Erynne van Zee, Class of 2017
Michael Grant, Class of 2014
Amoses Holton, Class of 2016
Maya Laughton, Class of 2018
Katrina Coffman, Class of 2019
Laura Brooks, Class of 2017
Taylor Wahrenbrock, MBS 2017
Rachel Perry, Class of 2019
Rafael Roman, Class of 2017
Anique Singer, Class of 2014
Sophia Shaw, Class of 2020
Lily Herzan, Class of 2017
Ethan Chan, Class of 2017
Duncan Allen, Class of 2020
Deirdre Judge, GSAS
Shana Merrifield, Class of 2018
Lahna Sheron, Class of 2018
Lauren Hawkes, Class of 2018
Gabe Saltzman, Class of 2012
Melissa Kain, Class of 2018
Justin Sullivan, Class of 2017
Shaina Wasserman, Class of 2018
Will Hodge, Class of 2019
Alyssa Kogan, Graduate Class of 2018
Lupita Estela, Class of 2018
Ellen Lain, Class of 2019
Richa Parande, Class of 2018
Henry Zumbrunnen
Dakota LeRoy, Class of 2019
Brooke Weil, Class of 2018
Meghan Lauzé, Class of 2019
Julia Knight, Class of 2017
Jae-Yeun Kim, Class of 2019
Adrienne Jankowski, Class of 2018
Nicholas Buxton, Class of 2015
Jessica Fan, Class of 2019
Alexa Sasanow, Class of 2013
Nathaniel Tran, Class of 2017
Emma Youcha, Class of 2018
Pilar Yesares Rubi, Class of 2020
Justin Will, Class of 2018
Grace Perry, Class of 2019
Laura Garbes, Class of 2014
Lauren Dierker, Class of 2018
Corinne Smith, Class of 2018
Sunandhaa Narissmhan, Northeastern 2019
Orsolya Nagy, Class of 2020
Antonio Bertolino, Class of 2019
Ali Schindler, Class of 2016
Alex Fontini, Class of 2016
Hannah Shevrin, Class of 2018
Tashi Wangchuk, Class of 2018
Charlotte Clarke, E16
Muna Mohamed, Class of 2019
Arieh Berl
Yonatan Segev, Class of 2017
Lilly Tahmesabi, Class of 2017
Allison Curtis, Class of 2018
Gabe Haddad, Class of 2019
Nina Bernstein, A14
Mary Kate Kelley, Class of 2020
Carl Haber, Class of 2016
Evelyn Ocampo, Class of 2017
Cora Richardson, Class of 2020
Ryan Parigoris, Class of 2015
Christian Brandt, UEP Class of 2018
Pranav Menon, Class of 2018
Paige Tweedy, Class of 2016
Isaac Lasko, Class of 2018
Grace Perry, Class of 2012
Ruben Manguía
Katherine Campbell, Class of 2018
Matt Beckshaw, Class of 2019
Erin Griffard, Class of 2014
Jonah Feldman, Class of 2019
Diana Whealan, Class of 2019
Alexander Michaelson, Class of 2011
Alex Suarez, Class of 2014
Alyssa Fusillo, Class of 2017
Sonia Bouclainville, Class of 2014
Rebecca Negro Rocha, Class of 2018
Julia Goldberg, Class of 2015
Koko Li, UEP 2017
Kaia Smith, Class of 2017
Amanda Danielson, Class of 2017
Alexis Hermes, Class of 2020
Kevin Koo, Class of 2017
Elise Westervelt, Class of 2019
Aaron Pomerance, Class of 2017
Jacqueline Cabral, Class of 2019
Sean Murphy, Class of 2020
Ben Nissan, Class of 2018
Lauren Dierker, Class of 2018
Erica Colwell, M.A. student
Nina Bakker, Roger Williams University
Adaeze Dikko, Class of 2020
Malachy Donovan, Class of 2019
Clara Belk, Class of 2018
Ellie Doyle, Class of 2017
Lauren Dierker, Class of 2018
Sadie Lansdale, Class of 2012
Kathleen Frost, Class of 2017
Michael Maskin, Class of 2015
Charles Driver, Class of 2019
Lauren Dierker, Class of 2018
Sophia Wright, Class of 2013
Ravi Popat A'16
Jordan Meisel, Class of 2017
Alana Baray, Class of 2018
David Bahamon F18
Noah Habeeb, Class of 2016 UEP 2017
Noah Kurinsky, Class of 2014
Jacob Abrahams, Class of 2019
Helen Irvin, Class of 2014
Veronica Berger, Class of 2019
Owen Martin, Class of 2017
Sasha Raveendran Greene, 2019
Jolene Won, class of 2017
David Riche, A14
Katelyn Mullikin, Class of 2019
Jessie Lund, GSAS
Gabriel Taylor, Class of 2018
Megan Mooney, Class of 2018
Noah Cutler, '18
Katherine A. Ochoa Castillo, Class of 2019
Cecilia Flores, Class of 2012
Ruth Sun, Class of 2017
Danny Goodman, Class of 2014
Sophia Grogan, Class of 2018
Matt Marber, A16, EG17
Ronna ten Brink, Class of 2017
Lilly Fisher, 2013
Nikita Shukla, Class of 2017
Tira Oskoui, Class of 2019
Selena Groh, Class of 2019
Sarah Solomon, Class of 2014
Stephanie Krantz, Class of 2014
Yoji Watanabe, Class of 2020
Laura Broman, Class of 2018
Julia Depp, Class of 2018
Nihaarika Sharma, Class of 2018
Lauren Ritter, Class of 2015
Josephine Herman Class of 2013
Claire Boals, Class of 2019
Rita Parazs, class of 2019
Andrew Hoiberg, A18
Samuel Cohen, Class of 2012
Ann-Marie Lee, class of 2020
Nina Oat, Class of 2015
Jungwoo An, Class of 2018
Sam Usher, Class of 2018
Lyndon Jackson, Class of 2020
Jacqueline Chen, TCU Senate, Class of 2019
Dan Callahan, class of 2017
Andrea Becerra, Class of 2018
Nina Oat, Class of 2015
Janet Nieto, Class of 2018
Kate Kahn, Class of 1984
Jesse Litvin, Class of 2018
Jose Vallejo, Class of 2020
Amy Strauss, 2014
Steven Schwab, Class of 2020
Samantha Sokol, Class of 2014
Leila Smiley, Class of 2017
Taylor Felton, Class of 2020
Beckett Morris
Anna Perlmutter, Boston School of Occupational Therapy
Aden Brown, 2018
Aissatou Diagne, Class of 2015
Jonathan Berger, Class of 2019
Mariela Medina Castellanos, Class of 2018
Sumi Dey
Sara Banbury, Class of 2018
Shudee Wu, Tufts University 2018
Abinav Gowda, Class of 2019
Anissa Waterhouse, Class of 2017
Nina Gerassi-Navarro, Romance Languages, A&S
Rachel Weinstock, Class of 2015
Lancy Downs, Class of 2016
Micaela Slotin, Class of 2017
Sophia Anderson, Class of 2019
Kathryn Russell, Class of 2012
Max Greenhouse, Class of 2016
Rohini Loke, Class of 2019
Elise Deitrick, PhD Student, Education
Rose Eilenberg, Class of 2013
Rebecca Sinai
Elizabeth Stockton, Class of 2014
Sara Kimble, Class of 2020
Aoife Leonard, Class of 2017
Ali Mintz, Class of 2019
Rebecca Cooley, Class of 2016
Megan Ferren, Class of 2017
Tess Torregrosa, Class of 2015
Rebecca Leviss, Class of 2019
Norma Zheng, Class of 2019
Hannah Conroy, Class of 2017
Meredith Clarke, Class of 2019
Nina Kravetz, Class of 2019
Margo Bender, Class of 2018
Jenny Lu, Class of 2017
Sarah Hamad, Class of 2017
William Luna, Class of 2017
Hannah Levin, Class of 2018
Alyce Currier, Class of 2011
Maame Yaa Kankam-Nantwi, Class of 2019
David Lopera '19, Princeton University
Matt Long, Class of 2016
Flora Cardoni, Class of 2016
Lloyd Lower, Class of 2019
Dylan Scheer, class of 2016
Nina Johnston, Class of 2019
Ana Arsovska, Class of 2020
Amy Bu, class of 2017
Lior Appel-Kraut, Class of 2017
Annie Gill, Class of 2017
Miranda Willson, Class of 2017
Robert Lovitch, Class of 2019
Katy Johnson, Class of 2018
Stephanie Wong, Class of 2019
Sartrapat Poolvaraluck, Class of 2017
Gabriela Funez-dePagnier, Class of 2018
Santisia Ambrosino, Class of 2018
Hannah Nestler, MA '19
Samantha Berman, Class of 2018
Sarah Taketa, Class of 2020
Brian Gravel, Assistant Professor, Education
Khalil Payton, Class of 2018
Haleigh Copley-Cunningham, Class of 2019
Annie King, Class of 2014
Polina Pittell, Class of 2021
Karynne Campbell, Class of 2017
Nola Jenkins, Class of 2020
Aruni Kacker, Class of 2019
Helen Sibila, Class of 2018
Alexanne Neff, Alumni Class of 2013
Jong Hoon Lee, Class of 2020
Shelby Dyer, class of 2020
Madeline Turner, Class of 2018
Morgan Burch, Class of 2014
Sera Busse, Class of 2018
Avery Tripathi, Class of 2019
Hilary Ross, A&S 2012, Fletcher 2018
Marta Munoz, Class of 2017
Tess Schaftel, Class of 2020
Hyun Jun Jin, Class of 2019
Andrew Nassar, Class of 2018
Andrew M. Goldblatt, Class of 2019
Kelsey Goodman, Fletcher, MALD 2018
Lexi Cohen, Class of 2020
Celia Karpatkin, class of 2019
Zoe Jeka, class of 2017
Lena Walton, Tufts Class of 2018
Elizabeth Palma, Class of 2016
Aishvarya Arora, Class of 2017
Patrick Donnelly, Class of 2014
Hae Rham Shin, Class of 2018
Kimberly Freid, V20
Hayley Long, Class of 2019
Sophie Greenenbaum, Class of 2018
Nicholas Economos, Class of 2013
Alfredo Gutierrez, Class of 2020
Ananya Ganesh, Class of 2019
Liam Knox, Class of 2019
Tom Johst, Class of 2019
Maxx Grossman, Class of 2019
Samantha Knight, Sister of Student of Tufts
Madura Ganesh, Tufts parent
Minnie Chen, Class of 2017
Matthew Taylor, Class of 2012
Hae Rham Shin, Class of 2018
Anna Kasagawa, Class of 2018
Nivedhitha Ramesh, Class of 2016
Lauren Diaz, Class of 2020
Zachary Pagel, Class of 2017
Sam Friedensohn, 2014
Christopher Ray Aragon, Class of 2019
Joshua McLinden, Class of 2015
Ganesh Ananthakrishnan, Tufts parent
Justine Marie Aquino, 2019
Rachel Tigges, Class of 2019
Alison Klemencic, Class of 2017
Angelina Zurzolo
Christihanna Morrison Class of 2019
Bin F Zheng, MALD, Class of 2018
Jenny Smith, Class of 2014
Sabrina Khan, Class of 2017
Peter Secrest, Class of 2017
Jacob Cantor, Class of 2019
Sylvia R. Ofoma, Class 2017
Andrew Tirrell, Fletcher School
Kathleen Coogan, Class of 2019
Siddharth Jejurikar, Class of 2020
Ali Brodeur, Class of 2019
Lia Weintraub, Class of 2014
Brian McGough, Class of 2017
Emily Baker, Class of 2018
Brian McGough, Class of 2017
Hans Ege Wenger, Class of 2014
Rati Srinivasan, Class of 2018
Fiona Weeks, BA 2014
Sasha Reed, Class of 2012
Allyson Blackburn, Class of 2017
Ashrita Rau, Class of 2018
Claudia Mihm, Class of 2018
Andrew Brown, class of 2017
Anna Mason, Class of 2019
Ruifei Xu, Class of 2017
Vivian Hong, Class of 2019
Sarah French, Class of 2017
Stuart Montgomery, Class of 2019
Alejandra King
Nathan Pacheco, Class of 2018
David Wulf, Class of 2015
Lynne Ramsey, CEEO
Ethan Donowitz, Class of 2017
Ellie Gan, Class of 2018
Chelsea Hayashi, Class of 2017
Priscilla McCelvey, The Fletcher School Class of 2018
Nath Samaratunga, Class of 2018
Sarah Strand, Class of 2014
Binh Nguyen, Class of 2019
Luke Maher, Class of 2013
Matthew Estabrook, Class of 2019
Leann Beard, Class of 2018
Amari Diaw, Class of 2020
Anika Kumar, Class of 2018
Samantha Cox, Class of 2017
Sahar Roodehchi, Class of 2017
Alyson Weiss, Class of 2012
Nina Wadekar, Class of 2017
Esra Gurcay, Class of 2020
Zachary Smith, Class of 2017
Josephine Billisi, Aunt of student
Max Makovetsky, Class of 2017
Dahlia Norry, Class of 2012
Nicole Arata, Class of 2017
Kenia Estevez, Class of 2014
Sarah Gargaro, Class of 2018
Lucy Kania, Class of 2017
Danielle MacVicar, Class of 2018
Emily Zhang, Class of 2016
Rosa Katz, Aunt of Student
Caroline Ritchie E16
Josh Brown, class of 2017
Drew Zeiba, Class of 2016
Annie Brown, Class of 2014
Elyssa Harris, Class of 2017
Hannah Steinberg, Class of 2017
Micaela Silver 2019
Erin Stone, A14
Kevin Hagen, Class 2017
Nick Golin, Class of 2019
Megan Souza, Class of 2017
Sahil Shah, Class of 2018
Miranda Willson, Class of 2017
Franchesca Burgos
Shati Khan, A12
Alyssa Ridley, Class of 2013
Edwin Jain, Class of 2019
Jesus Ramirez, Class of 2020
Troy Harrington-Woodard, LA class of 2016
Rebecca Kamens, Class of 2017
Margot Rashba
Anna Bernstein, Class of 2013
Riva Dhamala, Class of 2018
Ethan Finkelstein, class of 2016
Kara Leavitt, Class of 2019
Nick Golin, Class of 2019
Karla Schiaffino Pérez, Fletcher, Class of 2017
Maris Nyhart, Class of 2016
Isaiah Smolar, Class of 2019
Shelby Schulz, Class of 2012
Niki Krieg, Class of 2012
Grace Tellado, Class of 2018
Jennifer Skerker, Class of 2017
Nicholas Ficeto, Class of 2018
Stephen McMillian, Class of 2018
Leo Mandani, Class of 2020
Nina Goldman, Class of 2015
Jolie Dion-Gottfried, Class of 2019
Clare Gooding, Fletcher School 2018
Elizabeth Liu, Class of 2017
Alexis Galantino, Class of 2018
Melody Lin, Class of 2014
Kiley Pratt, Class of 2019
Jean-Charles Zurawicki, Class of 2018
Ander Pierce, Class of 2018
Tyler Simeone, Class of 2019
Vishakha Ramakrishnan,Class of 2015
David knight
Kerry Herlihy, Class of 2013
Lillian Prueher, Class of 2012
Sam Weiss, Class of 2017
Veronica Richter, Class of 2013
Annie Nguyen, Class of 2019
Rachel Nagin, UEP, 2017
Will Norris, Class of 2017
Zobella Vinik, Class of 2015
Gracie Kanigher, Class of 2019
Matea Friedel, Class of 2018
Caroline McBrien, Class of 2018
Emily Polinski, class of 2019
Asia Acevedo
Zoe Leaf, Class of 2020
Amira Al Subaey, Class of 2019
Lydia Jessup, Class of 2013
Frances DeFreitas, Class of 2019
Maya Pace, Class of 2018
Carissa Fleury, Class of 2018
Madeline Katz, Class of 2019
Amy Sokolow, class of 2018
Jake Lebovic, Class of 2018
Victoria Obregon, class of 2019
Patrick McVee, Class of 2019
Jaya Khetarpal, Class of 2019
Ashley Shen, Class of 2017
Elijah Romulus, Class of 2017
Nicole Kerrigan, Class of 2020
Paxton Crystal, Class of 2017
Alexandra Dorfman Class of 2018
Aditi Ashok, Class of 2016
Jonathan Heutmaker, Class of 2017
Brennan Corriston, Class of 2017
Alexander Golin, Class of 2017
Andre C. Newland, Class of 2017
Henry Novak, Class of 2020
Anastasiya Antonova, Class of 2017
Cailin Mackenzie, Class of 2014
Ben Brazelton, Class of 2020
Emily Weiss, Class of 2013
Olivia Meyer-Jennette, Class of 2017
Kate Perino, Class of 2012
Michelle Witrock, Class of 2013
Molly Schulman, Class of 2016
Darcy Hinck, Class of 2019
Lauren Samuel, Class of 2017
Elissa Bowling, class of 2015
Naz Akdilek, Class of 2018
Rachel Rubin, Class of 2013
Teddy Cahill, Class of 2018
Simone Allen
Benjamin Teller, class of 2017
Lucia McArdle, Class of 2018
Renee Chiu, Class of 2019
Raechel Pacheco
Lisa Meehan, Class of 2017
Cassie Webb, A14
Aisha H. Farley, Class of 2012
Kim Callahan, Parent of student in class of 2019
Elyse Hain, class of 2018
Elisa Cabral, Class of 2018
Talia Smith, Class of 2020
Grace Cooper, Class of 2018
William Owen, Class of 2014
Claire Selvin, Class of 2017
Ailish Dougherty, Class of 2019
James Rizzi, PhD Candidate
Simone Allen, Class of 2017
Brad Mullen, Class of 2017
Ann Noling, Class of 2012
Lauren Brill, class of 2018
Whitney Crooks, Graduate Class of 2017
Samantha Crozier, Class of 2019
Allison Lawrence, Class of 2011
Valerie Willocq, Class of 2018
Bianca Tubiana, Class of 2017
Elizabeth Brownell, alumna
Ellie Clifford, Class of 2018
Amanda Ng Yann Chwen, Class of 2018
Nathan Foster, Class of 2018
Eulogio Guzman, Visual and Critical Studies A&S
Tania Valrani, class of 2020
Madison Dall, Class of 2020
Sana Ahmed, Class of 2020
YooJin Yoon, Class of 2019
Tim Luo, Class of 2016
Amber An, class of 2016
Shelby Cross, Class of 2018
Jorge Eguiguren, Class of 2020
Katya Malison, Class of 2018
Morgan Choi, Class of 2020
madeline griego, class of 2018
Maria Grant, class of 2019
Pat Andriola, Class of 2011
John Peavy, Class of 2019
Max Cooper, Class of 2019
Matthew Homer, Class of 2014
Paris Sanders, Class of 2018
Katherine Hirsch, Class of 2017
Jamie Kleinberg, Class of 2011
Eva Heaps, Class of 2018
Josh Sennett, Class of 2015
Cardin Kennedy, DVM 2020
Rosy Fitzgerald, Class of 2019
Max Bienstock, Class of 2015
Vee Green, MBS 2017
Meghan Higgins, UEP 2016
Benjamin Hansel, Class of 2017
Da Eul Kim, Class of 2017
Dan Pechi, Class of 2019
Kate Morrow, Class of 2017
Nicholas Cicchetti, Class of 2017
Ravi Patel, Class of 2018
Will Pearl A'16
Sofia Elhaj, Amari Diaw
Jessica Meckler, Fletcher 2016
Mitch Stallman, GDAE
Jameson Moore, Class of 2017
Mags Harries Faculty at SMFA Tufts
Rosalie Zurlo, Class of 2016
Zach Zager, Class of 2017
Lydia Collins, Class of 2017
Erick Orozco, Class of 2019
Lauren Dillon, class of 2018
Simone Riley, Class of 2016
Evan Sayles, A18
Charlie Billings, class of 2020
Rachael Kadish, Class of 2015
Anna Kapral, Class of 2019
Chloe Sasson, Class of 2018
Melissa Wang, Class of 2015
Abe Bayer, 2018
Elizabeth Ammons, Professor
Julia Bell, Class of 2018
Katie Mihalek, 2018
Kitipapa Sriprasert, Class of 2019
Jessica Watkins, Department of Education
Elsa Ubel, Class of 2020
Kellyn Henthorn, A'16
David Harrison, Class of 2017
Erica Massaro, Class of 2017
Bibi Lichauco, Class of 2019
Russell Gens, A18
Sean Ong, Class of 2020
Aristana Scourtas, Class of 2017
Jessica Morales, Class of 2017
Kate Mieher, Class of 2017
Matthew Kennedy, Class of 2019
Mariel Kieval, Class of 2018
Meg Farley, class of 2020
Carolyn O'Connor, Fletcher 2018
Raina Galbiati, Class of 2018
Sara Rosen, Class of 2012
Cristina Logg, International Relations Program
Greta Jochem, Class of 2017
Yumi Casagrande, Class of 2017
Ben Haven Taylor, Class of 2017
Hilary Asare, Class of 2011
William McKenna, Class of 2019
Maia Fulton-Black, Class of 2017
Kate Smart, 2018
Priyanka Padidam, Class of 2018
Christopher Hernandez, GSAS Class of 2017
Annahstasia Enuke, tufts class of 2018
Nayab Ajaz, class of 2018
Emily Quigley, Class of 2015
Andrés Bolaños class of 2020
Shane Woolley, Class of 2019
Sophie Salinardo, UIowa Class 2018
Ria Mazumdar, Class of 2019
Christin Mujica, Class of 2017
Angus Finlay, Class of 2014
Zara Rancheva, Class of 2018
Joel Wool, UEP 2017
Martha Meguerian, Class of 2015
Maeve O'Sullivan, Class of 2017
Grace Dietshe, Class of 2016
Caitlin Hall-Swan, Class of 2016
Nicholas Nasser
Fernanda Brena, Class of 2020
Nicholas Nasser, Class of 2017
Flora Sugarman, Class of 2018
Jordan Barnes, A18
Emily Brodkin, Class of 2018
Madeline Bacchus, Class of 2018
Alexander Yee A'13
Monica Rodriguez Orozco,parent,class of 2019
Jacob Brescia-Weiler, 2017
Clarissa Sosin, Class of 2013
Leticia Rocha, Tufts Class of 2020
Katie Riker, Class of 2012
Suvithan Rajadurai, Class of 2018
Julia Pappageorge, Class of 2018
Martine Kaplan, A13
Ashleigh Matthews, Class of 2014
Sarah Tralins, Class of 2014
Jean Carlos Soares
Alexander Leopold, Binghamton University
Jonathan Jacob Moore, Class of 2017
Zach Hertz, Class of 2019
Lucy Turner, Class of 2018
Jacob Jaffe, Class of 2019
Itamar Ben-Aharon, Class of 2018
Gus Meyer, Class of 2020
Morgan Holland, Class of 2009
Maria Luisa Lobo Rioja, Class of 2017
Casey Betts, Class of 2016
Yessenia Rivas, Class of 2014
Jake Gilbert, Class of 2019
Ethan Mandelbaum, Class of 2020
Benjamin Averill, Class of 2017
Gregg Cornett, Class of 2019
Amanda Epting, The Fletcher School
Arnold Castaneda, Tufts Class of 2019
Aaron Watts, Class of 2018
Archie Troxel, Class of 2017
Lauren Moon, Class of 2005
Erin E. Seaton, Ed.D.
Julie S Graham, faculty, SMFA@Tufts
Isabel schneider, class of 2020
Vanessa Garcia, Class of 2009
Audrey Michael, Class of 2015
Jessica Rose Langley, GSAS, 17'
Joshua Grelle, Class of 2016
Grainne Griffiths, Class of 2014
Eugenia Naamon, Class of 2018
Nabil Hoq, A&S 2012, Fletcher 2018
Melissa Zar, class of 2009
Merredith Portsmore, Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach
Alexandra Fognani, Class of 2019
Marie Zhang, GSAS 2017
Brandon Archambault, Class of 2013
Veronica A. Garcia, Class of 2006
Tzuria Falkenberg, Class of 2017
Gabriela Bonfiglio, Class of 2018
Samuel Gertler, Class of 2019
Deborah Donahue-Keegan, Dept. of Education
Miranda Finestone, Class of 2019
Dorian Pistilli, Class of 2016
Phillip Ellison Tufts Class of 2016
Vibhav Prakasam, Class of 2019
Alison Hoi, Class of 2018
Francesca Cabada, Class of 2020
Emily Taintor, Class of 2015
Elizabeth Wojnar, Fletcher, MALD 2018
Michelle Ichinco, Class of 2012
Emma Coltoff, Class of 2017
Elisha Sum, Class of 2011
Yotam Bentov, class of 2017
Elizabeth Burg
Meghan Quigley, MA candidate, 2018
Savannah Christiansen, Class of 2016
Daniel Levitin, Class of 2019
Heather Kobos, class of 2006
Lily Barnard, Class of 2020
Sarah Pykkonen, Class of 2017
Kathleen Cohen, Class of 2012
John Bradley, Class of 2015
Milly Battle, Class of 2019
Hong Her
David Alvarez, Class of 2018
Sylvester Bracey, Class of 2020
Daniela Sánchez, Class of 2020
Amy DeLuca, Class of 2006
James Latimer, Class of 2017
Sophie Loman, Class of 2018
Cassidy Olsen, Class of 2018
Jane Beshore Hayden, Class of 2006
Emma Brenner-Bryant, Class of 2016
Carly Olson, Class of 2017
Charlotte Hoffman, Class of 2018
Lauren Phan
Ryan Willison, Class of 2013
Emma Kerr, 2019
Ryan Redmond, Lecturer, Department of Education
Mikayla Toffler, Class of 2019
Zachary Friedman, Class of 2009
Eli Boninger, Class of 2017
Caroline Littlewood, Class of 2013
Andrew Paschal, School Psychology '17
Le Huy Nguyen Tran, Tufts MAT
David McConnell, Class of 2017
Abraar Ahmad, Tufts class of 2018
Layla Eastep, Wellesley College 2016
Jane Silva Depp, P'2018
Aaron Ratoff, Class of 2012
Prateek Poddar, concerned citizen
Pauline Carter
James Halpin, Class of 2018
Tahlib Owens, Class of 2015
Courtney Moran, The Fletcher School, 2017
Gabriela Herrera, class of 2020
Kristen Bethke Wendell
Joanna T Brown, student
Jade Woo, Class of 2018
Nacala Gadsden SHHS 2017
Bryn Clark, Class of 2014
Charles Meyer, Class of 2017
Luke Pyenson, Class of 2012
Mikayla Toffler, Class of 2019
Orlando Economos, Class of 2017
Steve Cohen, Education Dept.
Gauri Seth, Class of 2017
Tess Ross-Callahan, 2018
Justin Weathers
Jason Martin, Class of 2019
Christopher Campbell, Class of 2020
Maha Mian, Class of 2014
Noah Weinberg, Class of 2017
Libby Cornelssen, Class of 2016
Morgan Freeman, Class of 2018
Li Fan, Class of 2017
Francesca Caiazzo, Class of 2017
Kassandra Conley, MAT
Miriam Freeman, Fletcher 2018
Katherine Rea, Class of 2019
Mallory Abreu, Class of 2016
Claire Stone, Class of 2017
Daniel Camilletti Tufts 2017
Claire Sleigh, Class of 2016
Emily Ng, Class of 2019
Maimuna Ahmad, 2017
Madeleine Clarke, Class of 2020
Kacie Quick, Class of 2018
Paige von Mehren, Class of 2013
Kay Furst, faculty
Rachel Sobel, Class of 2020
Nicole Adler, class of 2016
Leah Common, friend of student of Tufts
Taylor Schwartz, A13, MPH14
Saki Kitadai, student
Talya Sogoba, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Class of 2018
Diana DeLuca, Class of 2003
Gary Goldstein, professor, Physics
Jessica Paola Jimbo, Class of 2019
Andrew Wofford, Class of 2017
Mary Caddle, Education
Jennifer Radoff, Department of Education
Zach Kent, MAT 2017
Mark Rafferty, Class of 2013
Micaela Belles, Class of 2013
Eva Kahan, Class of 2019
Claire Nataro, Class of 2018
Breann Jeffries
Lily Maass, Class of 2018
Obinna Abalihi, Class of 2020
Ian James, Class of 2018
Ali Procopio, Community Organizer
Josh Davis, Class of 2018
Charles Kelly, Class of 2017
Jennifer Graham, Class of 2017
Anthony Lombardi, Class of 2014
Lewis Brown, Class of 2018
Mona El Khoury, Assistant Professor, French (RLL)
Maximus Thaler, 13'
Elly Day, Class of 2016
John M Kelly, Class of 2015
Yevgeniya Lopatina, 2020
Miller Hetzel Schulman, Class of 2017
Michaela Mellen, Class of 2017
Tori Tavormina, Class of 2018
Lidia Tejada, Class of 2016
Anna Oremland, Class of 2017
Oliver Harris, Class of 2011
Mathew Dietzel, Class of 2019
Ilana Goldberg, class of 2020
Ethan Hartzell, Class of 2018
Emily Touchet, 2019
Dana Popky, Class of 2020
Juan Abenante, Class of 2018
Natasha Karunaratne, Class of 2019
Julia Solomon, Class of 2019
Marissa Donohue, Class of 2019
Eve Feldberg, Class of 2017
Amy Kao, Class of 2016
India Moore, School Psychology 2017
Sarah Gruen, Class of 2019
Emma Kahn, Class of 2019
Nina Lutz, class of 2017
Anna Tolette, Class of 2019
Sarah Larson, Class of 2018
Spencer Perry, 2019
Anna Hernandez Tufts LA18
Jesse Starger, Class of 2016
Meg Kenneally, Class of 2018
Spencer Meldrum, Class of 2015
Carlos Grosso, University of Notre Dame '19
Justin Pequeño, A12
Stefan Kornarens, Class of 2020
Isabelle Hoch, Class of 2019
Amelia Moser, Class of 2018
Laura Hofmann, Class of 2016
Julia Schoendorf, Pace University 2019
Andrea Simons, Class of 2015
Ariel Feola Class of 2017
Benjamin Ross, Class of 2013
Bailey Fitzpatrick-Conner, Class of 2017
Jennifer Jackson, Class of 2019
Pınar Yaşar, Class of 2017
Anna Weissman, Class of 2017
Julia Doyle, Class of 2017
Ava Nusblatt, Class of 2020
Noor Dughri, Fletcher 2017
Juan Carlos Montemayor Elosua, E'13
Deanna Bessy, Class of 2017
Rubén Salinas Stern-----Latino Center
Palak Khanna, Class of 2018
Sophie Saunders, Class of 2020
Cyrus Miceli, Class of 2020
Katie Matejcak, Class of 2016
Melanie Horton, Class of 2019
Rebecca Nageotte, Class of 2020
Tom Winters, MD Med School Class of 1973
Quinn Willer, Wellesley College
Emma Denson, class of 2017
Mary Gusentine, Class of 2018
Maalika Banerjee, Class of 2013
Chao Tang, Class of 2018
Kathy Lu, Tufts class of 2017
Samantha Goldsmith, Class of 2017
Katharine Pong, Class of 2016
Supriya Sanjay, Class of 2019
Glynnis Cummings, class of 2020
Chris Baumohl, Class of 2014
Vicky Mogeni, Fletcher School MALD 2018
Jessica Scolnic E13, G15
Scott Fitchen, Class of 2020
Gilbert Placeres, '16
Jacqueline Young, Wellesley College Class of 2018
Kyra Sturgill, Class of 2014
Brooke Schwartz, Class of 2017
Sean Boyden, Class of 2017
Alicia Evangelides, Class of 2009
Chelsea Andrews, PhD Candidate, Education
Colette Midulla, Class of 2018
Emily Calobrisi, Class of 2017
Eleanor Agosta, Class of 2017
Hannah Recht, Class of 2016
Menglan Chen, Class of 2016
Kira Hessekiel, Class of 2013
Tarini Singhania, SMFA@Tufts, Class of 2017
Elena Bell, 2017
Stephen Wright, Class of 2015
Sarah Kotis, Class of 2017
Philip Gay, Staff, Dept. of Education
Leah Wuebbens, class of 2019
Caitlyn Leo, Class of 2018
Lucy Gerhart, Class of 2017
Erich Tusch, Class of 2012
Phoebe Lanterman, NYU 2020
Emily Morton, Class of 2016
Isabella Kiser, Class of 2020/21
David Park, Class of 2020
Andrea Rodriguez
Rachel Hartman, Tufts class of 2020
Emily Elkin '15
Johannes Oster, Class of 2016
Osvaldo Calzada, Class of 2018
Josiah Jose Vasquez, Class of 2020
Zoe Xiuha Uvin, Class of 2015
Mohsin Rizvi, Class of 2020
Claire Mieher, Class of 2019
Noor Alibrahim, class of 2019
Nayantara Dutta, Class of 2017
Jake Savage, Class of 2012
Jordan Lauf, Class of 2018
Yonas Dinkneh, Class of 2017
Katy Bullard, Class of 2015
Alejandra Garcia, class 2019
Kara Daniels, 2014
Lorena Basurto, Class of 2020
Joe Palandrani, Class of 2016
Jaanvi S., Class of 2019
Alissa Hansford, class of 2020
Ryan Biette, Class of 2019
Stephanie St. Thomas, Class of 2009
Alina Butareva, Class of 2014
Ashia Robinson, '20
Carolyn Cook, Class of 2017
Jessie Newman, Class of 2020
Mica Jarmel-Schneider '18
Nathaniel Kerbin, Class of 2012
Arpita Jajoo, Class of 2019
Sarah Tessler, Class of 2020
Adrian Alexander Portela, '18
Jonathan Kuwada class of 2018
Belinda Xian, Class of 2018
Monica He, Class of 2017
Emma DiFrancesco, Class of 2017
Jack Halverson, Class of 2018
Gabriela Anderson, Class of 2017
Grace Oberhofer, Class of 2015
Susan Karpatkin, parent
Caroline Passalacqua, Class of 2019
Michael Lacy, Class of 2012
Jenna Wells, Class of 2014
Michelle Ingram, Class of 2017
Asli Akova, Class of 2020
Virginia Hinchman, Class of 2019
Erica R. Nork, Class of 2020
Lauren Weinstock, Class of 2018
Francis Goins, Class of 2016
Abby Pompee, SHHS '17
Sarah Oliver, Class of 2020
Zanny Allport, Class of 2014
Jonathan Carbutt
Jordan Rosenthal-Kay, Class of 2017
Meredith Packer, Class of 2013
David Rose, Class of 2017
Manuela Quintero, Class of 2017
Ben Machlin, 2018
Brady Wells, Weber State Univ. 2019
Blair Nodelman, Class of 2017
Bailey Siber, Class of 2018
Munchma Quchi, Class of 2018
Karina Cabanillas, Class of 2009
Madison Maider, Class of 2019
Alice Lee, Class of 2017
Ashlyn Salvage, class of 2017
Simon-Pierre Behr, class of 2014
Samantha Termine, Class of 2018
Helene Barnes
Matthew Reppucci, Class of 2020
Joanna Dimas, Class of 2017
Nikita Rao, Class of 2019
Eugenia Lee, Class of 2011
Helen Bourdeaux , Class of 2016
Sadie Otley, Class of 2020
Julia Morgans
Hannah Hatch, Class of 2020
Jesse Adelman, F17
Caitlin Duffy, Class of 2018
Kris Coombs, Jr., BA 2009, MA 2011, MA 2012
Emily Decker, Class of 2019
Jake Rochford, Class of 2019
Emma Hayden, Class of 2018
Andrea Henry, Class of 2010
Elana DeSantis, Class of 2019
Diana Morrill Tufts Class of 2018
Natalie Araya, Class of 2018
Kate Bussert
Dustin Huber, supporter
Brianna Moody, Class of 2016
Zabir Islam, Class of 2017
Emily Lin, Class of 2018
Sam Pirani, 2018
Zachary Kramer, 2019
Rachael Hogan, Class of 2010
Tzeidel Eichenberg, Class of 2016
Aamia Malik, student Swarthmore College 2018
Nick Cunetta, Class of 2019
Association of Latin American Students, Tufts Student Organization
Jessie Borkan, A2010
Ariel Hamlin, class of 2013
Ashlynna Ng, Class of 2018
Michel J. Garcia
Sarah Schrag, Class of 2019
Denise Gordon, parent
Vanessa Zighelboim, Class of 2019
Garrett Dickson, Class of 2019
Akshat Rajan '19 President, International Club
Romy Aboudarham, Class of 2019
Lolade Omokanwaye, Columbia University
Elena Caple, Class of 2013
Jessica Capone, Class of 2017
Christine Makuwa, Class of 2018
Eric Brook, Class of 2019
Adrian Devitt-Lee, Class of 2016
Boyd Matheson, Class of 2020
Rodshell Fleurinord, Class of 2017
Akil Grubb, Class of 2018
Zachary Marquez, UCSC '18
Emma Herdman
Raul Gomez, Class of 2020
Martin Majkut, Class of 2019
Isabelle Naginski, professor of French
Michael Yang, Class of 2016
Riya Patel, Class of 2018
Jeanelly Gonzalez, Class of 2020
Mary Kate Charron, Class of 2020
Abigail Barton, Class of 2020
Alexa Reilly, Class of 2019
Eli DuBois, Class of 2020
Samantha Watson
Julia Hofer, Class of 2018
Annelise Ryan, Class of 2018
Kelsey McEvoy, Class of 2016
Jonathan Minoff, Class of 2019
Barbara Storch, Class of 2016
Maya Salcido White, Class of 2017
Madeleine Burton, Class of 2015
Blake Williams
Risa Williams, Class of 2020
Kaitlin Pang, Class of 2016
Madison Taylor, Class of 2018
Donna Qualters, CELT
Catherine Perloff, Class of 2019
Rifat Ralfi Salhon, Class of 2020
Kendall Reingold, Class of 2016
Daniel Moon, Class of 2020
Kira Poncelet, Class of 2016
Graham Kerr, Class of 2014
Kriska Desir, Class of 2019
Julia Franciskovich, Soka University 2017
Melissa Wang, Class of 2015
Neatric Norwood, Class of 2017
Michele Herzog, Class of 2016
Forrest Butler, Class of 2016
Kyle Harrington
Henry Allison, class of 2019
Julia Pinsky, Parent
Lara LoBrutto, Class of 2017
Lauren Miller, Company One Theatre
Avery Farmer, Amherst College
Zachary Laub A'12
Sonia Hofkosh, English Department
Emily Friedlander, Class of 2017
Isaiah Marshall-Thomas, Class of 2019
Elyssa Anneser, Class of 2020
Michelle Stevens, Class of 2015
Andie Brent, Class of 2016
August Rock, Class of 2019
Artoun Festekjian, Class of 2016
Anise Applebaum, Class of 2018
Amanda Ho, Class of 2017
Alana Cooper, class of 2017
Maria Mo, Class of 2018
Michelle Lau, Class of 2016
Emily North
Christine Motch, Class of 2016
Amanda Hay, Class of 2013
Noah Harris, Class of 2019
Alexandra Bunecky, Class of 2017
Mimi Kim, class of 2019
Halley Stubis, Class of 2020
Jacob Clark, Class of 2015
Jared Moskowitz, Class of 2017
Jimena Sanchez Gallego, Class 2016
Sarah Lubiner
Ryan Johnson, Class of 2017
Moira Lavelle, Class of 2016
Michelle Luo, Class of 2019
Sean DeLawder, Class of 2018
Rebecca Larson, Class of 2017
Rebecca Melman, Class of 2018
Cassidy Heverling, Class of 2016
Kristiana Jordan, A17
Kristin Reeves, Class of 2018
Deborah Weis
Clara Belk, Class of 2018
Victor Dinh, Class of 2019
Catharina Schimert, Univ of Wisconsin
Mo Xu, Willamette University, Class of 2017
Karen Bustard '13
Emma Zafran, 2017
Spencer Beswick, Tufts Class of 2015
Arjun Malkani, Class of 2018
Diego Garcia, Concerned Citizen, Middlebury 2020
May Igawa, Class of 2013
Alison Brack, Class of 2017
Vladimir Proano, Class of 2020
BrieAnna Culin, Tufts University
Leah Reitz, Class of 2009
Sean Chapman, Class of 2017
Max Ettelson, Class of 2017
Amanda Lillie, Class of 2019
Rosemary Knight, Parent of Student
Rachel Carp, Class of 2020
Daniel knight
Karen Weng, Class of 2020
Madeleine van der Rijn, Class of 2019
Taylor Walsh, Class of 2018
Jyotika Bindra, Class of 2016
Daniel Scott Roberts, Class of 2017
Serena Thoma, Class of 2018
Erik DeAngelis, Class of 2013
Hannah Kahn, Class of 2020
Madeline Weir, Class of 2020
Sara Kniaz, Class of 2020
Hugh Mungus, Class of 2020
Iris Oliver, Class of 2019
Claudia Tajima, Class of 2013
Sadie Lansdale, Class of 2012
Sophia Balsamo, Class of 2020
Gabrielle Galat Class of 2015
Caitlin McCloskey
Tiffany Addo, Class of 2020
Clemencia Pinasco, Class of 2019
Chris Kearns-McCoy, Class of 2018
Nathaniel Cresswell, Class of 2019
Drew Madsen, Class of 2017
Keifer Chiang, Class of 2020
Max Cooper, Class of 2019
Hannah Mirviss, Class of 2020
India Wilson, class 2017
Eitan Scheinthal, A'16
Blanca A. delaRosa
Nina Bernstein A14
Meghan Wales, Class of 2018
Megan Keeling, Fletcher Class of 2017
Julio de la Rosa
Julie Pulda, The Fletcher School, MALD 2018
Anita Garcia
Ian Seerung, Class of 2020
Hayley Cohen, Class of 2017
Danielle Angel, Fletcher Class of 2017
Leslie Kenefick, Tufts Class of 2019
Mark Habeeb, Parent
Jared Holst, Fletcher School
James Juviler, Class of 2018
Sam Heilbron, Class of 2017
Taylor McGinnis, Class of 2016
Doris Hernandez, Fletcher School Class of 2018
Peggy Hutaff, Lecturer in Religion
Nandita Baloo, 2017
Joshua Goodman, Class of 2019
Averi Becque, Class of 2013
Talia Hulkower, Class of 2016
Charles Yang, Class of 2017
Liam Brady, Class of 2018
Rachel Shapiro, A14, AG16
Alex Maltun, Fletcher Class of 2018
Adrian Sharpe, Class of 2018
Claudia Cruz Leo, Fletcher MIB 2018
John Phillips, Fletcher 2017
Samantha Levy, Class of 2019
Julia Press, Class of 2019
Megan D'Andrea, Class of 2017
Jade Lu, Class of 2015
Anjuli Branz, Class of 2013
Jessica Swenson, PhD Student
Kelly O'Hara, A&S 2014
Julian Finney, Class of 2020
Michelle Sodipo, Class of 2017
Ben Silver, Class of 2016
Taylor Lentz, Class of 2014
Nathan Feldman, Class of 2013
Angela Bell, Class of 2016
Kelsey Beltz, Fletcher 2018
Christina Lee, Class of 2018
Aditya Nochur, Class of 2007
Maia Tarnas, Class of 2019
Emma Skinner, UConn 2019
Connor Ferguson, Class of 2012
Alejandro Vollbrechthausen Tufts Class 2019
Liam Evans, UConn class of 2019
David Aldama-Navarrete, Fletcher School, Class of 2015
Courtney Gilbertson, Class of 2018
Marissa Birne, Class of 2019
Matthew Harrison, class of 2020
Abdisalan Mohamud, Class of 2017
Yasmin Badr Alumna
Beatriz Zarur Valderrama, Fletcher 2017
Jazmin Rodriguez, Class of 2013
Sarah Nechamkin, class of 2018
Alexander Didkovsky, SMFA Dual-Degree Class of 2021
Owen Searls, Class of 2018
Samantha Regan, Class of 2018
Verónica A Rosario, Class 2015
Lisa Wartemberg, Class of 2014
Elizabeth Fuhrman, Juniata College 2017
Isabel Rosenbaum, Class of 2021
-Jack Cramer, class of 2017
Isabel Jiah-Yih Liao, Class of 2020
Jennie Brown, MAT 2017
Aviva Herr-Welber, Class of 2017
Abby Lu Kalamazoo College Class of 2017
William Kenlon, Class of 2012
Pilar Bancalari, Class of 2018
Miranda McKelvey Chavez, Class of 2019
Phuong Ngoc Dinh, Class of 2017
Archie Henry, Fletcher 2018
Lily Blumkin, class of 2018
Frederick Lu, Class of 2018
Judy Chen, Class of 2019
Phuong Ta, Class of 2016
Sarah Markos, Class of 2020
Sophia Carroll, Class of 2021
Suzannah Blass, Class of 2018
Julia Friedberg, Class of 2020
Peter D Travers, Class of 2012
Hanna Carr, Class of 2020
Alex Freedman, Class of 2012
Erica DeBarge, Class of 2021
Sophie Danielpour, Class of 2019
Chris Phifer, Class of 2019
Brendan Fahey, Class of 2019
Andrew Feder, Class of 2019
Rasika Sethi, Class of 2017
Janin Alfonso, LGBT and Latino Centers
Daniel Glynn, Class of 2020
Myrna-Nahisha Lyncee, class of 2018
Celia Bottger, Class of 2020
Mina Son
Meg Weck, Class of 2018
Mark Nichols, Class of 2014
Karen Ha, Class of 2019
Emese Varosi
Coorain Devin, Class of 2013
Joel Anguiano, Fletcher 2018
Charlotte Mondale, Class of 2020
Shreya Bhatia, Class of 2017
Sadie Lansdale, Class of 2012
Rebecca Schaub, Class of 2018
Iliana Panameno
Thomas Nikiper, Class of 2013, M.A. 2015
Guerlyne Petit, Umass Boston Class of 2017
Elijah Martin
Omar Sanchez, Class of 2019
Cristina Contreras, Fletcher Class of 2017
Danielle J. Craan
Nellie Harvey, Class of 2018
Jeanelly Gonzalez, Class of 2020
Grant J. Wood, Class of 2020
Belinda Xian, Class of 2018
Arianna Henry, Class of 2017
Hannah Feldman, Class of 2018
William Chupp, Class of 2017
Evelyn Reidy, Class of 2016
Rachel Perry, Class of 2019
Jordan Siskin, Class of 2019
Adam Zoll, Class of 2018
Lauren Traitz, Class of 2014
Freddie Birnbaum, Class of 2020
Serena Crosina, Class of 2009
Carlos Medina, Class of 2012
Hannah Shapiro, Class of 2020
Tanisha Howell, Class of 2011
Anela Oh, Class of 2019
Kevin (Kun Woo) Lee, Class of 2019
Kristofer Siy, Class of 2017
Ben Ewing, Class of 2013
Kaitlin Rogers, Class of 2019
Marisa Shapiro, Class of 2013
Emma Levitt, Class of 2015
Dan Katz-Zeiger, class of '14
Joseph Harris, Class of 2018
Kit Collins, Class of 2015
Zoe Marmer, Class of 2013
Elizabeth McAvoy, Class of 201
Connie Reik, Tisch Library
Aberdeen Bird, Class of 2020
Ariana Riccio, Class of 2013
Linglan Guan, Class of 2015
Ryan Clapp, Class of 2012
Melissa Weikart, Class of 2016
Kathleen Jolicoeur, Mass. College of Pharmacy Boston Class of 2018
Annalise Slate, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School
Abdisalan Mohamud, Class of 2017
Madison Taylor, Class of 2018
Lorrayne Shen, Class of 2012
Isabella Montoya, Class of 2020
Rotis Kinsman, The Nichols School
Finn McGarghan, Class of 2020
Kyle Paoletta, Class of 2012
Theresa Sullivan, Class of 2012
Eli Shahar, Class of 2019
Judy Flumenbaum, Class of 2012
Elizabeth Boston, Class of 2017
Swati Adipudi, class of 2020
Ariel Spierer, Class of 2017
Noah Rose, Class of 2018
Tyler-Jane Robins, Class of 2020
Alicia Kersten MAT '00
Rebecca Gertler, class of 2020
Nina Watts, Class of 2014
Steven Marrone, Professor of History
Samantha Leon, Class of 2020
Alice Garfield, MAT Class of 2017
Anita Bloch J'81, P'17
Emily Shaw, Class of 2012
Amelia Wills, Class of 2016
Wendy Mills, parent
Danna Solomon, Class of 2011
Jesus Hernandez, class of 2019
Freddy Saia, Class of 2017
Victor Paredes, Class of 2020
Morgan Leppla, Class of 2019
Lauren Kim, Class of 2017
Raymond Fasano, E18
Otilia Popa, Class of 2019
Benjamin Hewitt, Class of 2019
Emily Goldstein, Class of 2020
Lorrayne Shen, Class of 2012
Jolie Dion-Gottfried, Class of 2019
Sabrina Manero, Class of 2018
Jonathon Venitz, Class of 2017
Adam Meyer, Class of 2020
Sarah Carpenter, Class of 2012
Sarah Danly, Class of 2012
Joan Kim, Class of 2018
Joseph D. DiZoglio, MD Med 1963
Peter de Guzman Class of 2018
Linh Dang, Class of 2013
Noa Rosen, Class of 2016
Brendan Bennett, Class of 2020
Kenneth Postigo, Tufts 2017
Charlee Corra, Class of 2013
Charlotte Lenz, Class of 2020
Samuel Clacken Joseph, Class of 2020
Grace Talusan, English
Guillermo Samuel Hamlin, Community Action Agency of Somerville
Geoff Nelson-Blake, Supporter
Ahmed Hamdy, Class of 2012
Angie Sijun Lou, Class of 2016
Josh Quan, Tisch Library
Zoe Foglizzo, Class of 2019
Jaclyn Tsiang, Class of 2020
Miriam Ross-Hirsch, Class of 2013
Davin Auble, friend of Tufts student
Amelia Austern, Class of 2018
Carlos Lu Education Masters student 2017
Miranda Bogen, F16
Tamara Schiff, Tufts Parent
Stacy Entel, Class of 2010
Kelsey Merriam
Mahima Agrawal, Class of 2020
Melissa Adamson, Class of 2011
Miranda Bogen, F16
Emma Clutterbuck, Class of 2020
Anna Zhou, Class of 2015
Megan Warshawsky
Stanley R. Marquez, MALD candidate F'18
Alison Kuah, Class of 2017
Lorrayne Shen, Class of 2012
Maya Shashoua, Class of 2019
Sadie Lansdale, Class of 2012
Samantha Castelan, Univ. Texas-Rio Grande Valley
Watercrest Mcgillicuty, Class of 1999
Leah Shaw, Class of 2016
Derek Peterson, Cousin of Tufts Student
Matthew Stewart, Class of 2019
Maya Taft-Morales
Miranda Bogen, F16
Pauline Tsui
Anna Grammerstorf, Class of 2016
McKenna Wood, Class of 2020
Ben Britt Class of 2019
Spencer Rubin, Class of 2013
Jack Whitacre, employee and graduate
Judy Bun, Class of 2019
Carissa Streuli
Jordan Dashow, Class of 2014
Charlotte Leis, Class of 2019
Brian Rowe, Class of 2011
Tara MacKenzie, Class of 2017/2018
Mikayla Rose, Class of 2020
Jacob Bennert, Class of 2020
Pearl Laughton, parent of Maya Laughton class of 2018
Grace McEnery, Class of 2020
Liren Fu, Class of 2018
Nicolas Sempere, Class of 2017
Camila Rovalino, Class of 2019
Ryan Tam, Class of 2019
Katherine Lowe, Class of 2014
calvin thompson, community member
Morgan Berman, Class of 2020
Astrid Texas
Regina Marton, Family member of Tufts Student
Luis Del Rosario, Class of 2018
Liz Lynch, Class of 2012
Marianna Marques, Class of 2017
Risa Paley-Zimble, Class of 2018
Christopher McCain, Class of 2015
Lincoln Giesel, Class of 2013
Daphne Schalekamp, Visiting scholar at Fletcher
Darcy Dobis, Class of 2016
Georgia Goodman, Class of 2017
Gia Kim, Class of 2020
Abigail Tyrell, Class of 2014
Amelia Wellers, Class of 2013
Daisy Draper, Class of 2018
Sahil Patel, UC Berkeley Class of 2019
Ian Leaman
Nellie Shippen Class of 2014, M.A. 2016
Whitney Arnold, Class of 2016
Y-Binh Nguyen, Class of 2018
Ruby Maute, CRLS class of 2019
Ariel Rapoport, Class of 2011
Chris Chininis Class of 2016
Samantha Hunt
Holly Ransom class of 2019
MicMichael J. DeLuca, Class of 2001
Joanna Sebik, E12
Grace Mueller, M20, TUSM
Mathurshan Vimalesvaran, Tufts 2016
Alicia Chatterjee, Class of 2013
Alisa Kirby
Eric Semple, Class of 2011/2014
Danielle Musoff, Class of 2016
Josephine H. Watson
Annie Ayala, Class of 2019
Lauryn Hayashi, Class of 2017
Colin Hamilton, Class of 2016
Brian Provencher, MA School Psychology
Nina Haddad
Eva Kahan, Class of 2019
Gabrielle Horner, Class of 2014
Nhung Nguyen, high school student supporting
Annika Leybold, class of 2016
Jenny Hamilton, Class of 2016
Skyla Mai Orchard Beck
Caroline Neiswender, Class of 2019
Nathalie Andrade, Class of 2018
Jaisal Merchant, Class of 2017
Olivia Scheyer, Class of 2017
Hannah Cascio, Class of 2016
Anna Del Castillo, Class of 2018
Rikka Shrestha, Support
Ali-Reza Mirsajadi, PhD candidate, Drama
Brianna Xavier, Class of 2018
Ella Brady, Class of 2020
Noah Taxis, Class of 2017
whitney johnson, c/o 2019
Samantha Berg, 2017
Ean Wong, E15
Neil Tipton
Daniel Foster, Class of 2013
Michelle Meyer, Class of 2020
Andrew Hyde, Class of 2015
Yesenia Villanueva Rodriguez, Class of 2017
Nicolas Serhan, Class of 2018
Megan France, Class of 2015
Josephine Ong, Class of 2017
Josh Ferry, Class of 2018
Danny Garfield, Class of 2016
Aaron Leibowitz, Class of 2014
Mina Brewer, class of 2017
Elizabeth Garcia, Class of 2015
Erica Albert, Class of 2018
Audrey Fernandez, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Brooke, Class of 2018
Nikki Bank Class of 2015
Katherine Chatterjee, Tufts '13 Parent
Cheryl Preston
Hannah Shaich, Class of 2019
Mia Ellis, Class of 2018
Kristina Chu, Class of 2019
Brett Fouss, Class of 2017
Kristina Mensik, Tufts 2017
Sarah Grimmett, class of 2017
Harry Queeney, Class of 2020
Miriam Israel, Class of 2018
Kevin Dunn, Class of 2019
Bhavna Sivasubramanian, Class of 2017
Paulina Gallegos, Sister of Tuft student
Monica Lopez, Claremont McKenna College 2020
Maggie Nazarenus, Class of 2014
Nikhil Bhatia-Lin, Class of 2020
Grace Goetcheus, Class of 2020
Manelisi V. Nhliziyo; Tufts School of Medicine, Class of 2019
Bianca Hutner, Class of 2018
Yusi Gong, class of 2016
Jason Rathman, A17
Alexandria Cinney, Class of 2018
Naomi Strauss, Class of 2014
Monique Baumont, Class of2015
Margaret Fuener, Fletcher MALD
Amanda Ball, Class of 2014
Allie Webster, class of 2020
Airian Williams 2016
Max Metz Class of 2018
Alice Yoon, Class of 2020
Anneliese Luck, Class of 2015
Ravi Serota, First Year
Aliza Shapiro, Class of 2015
Alleana Brody, Class of 2016
Rhea Montgomery-Walsh, class of 2019
Ali-Reza Mirsajadi, PhD candidate, Drama
Krystle Shakespeare, Class of 2012
whitney johnson, c/o 2019
Amanda Yepez, Class of 2012
Ryan Newquist, Class of 2019
Nikhil Bhatia-Lin, Class of 2020
Sara S. Miller, Class of 2011
Samuel Weidner, Class of 2020
Sophie O'Bryan, Class of 2019
Burcu Gunver, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Cultrara, Class of 2018
Steve Miller, Class of 2011
Miranda Piris, GSAS 2017
Nien Yin Lin
Otis Peterson, Friend
Aviva Weinstein, Class of 2017
Raveena Longia, Class of 2019
Anthony Lechuga, 2017
Laurel Howell, Class of 2019
Caitlin joseph
Doug Robbins
Elizabeth White, Class of 2019
Curtis Yancy, Class of 2013
Elizabeth Mealey, Class of 2015
Evelyn Orlando, Class of 2013
Riley Wood, Class of 2016
Lisa Medford
Stephanie Seller, Class of 2011
Lily Liu, Class of 2018
Emily Hitscher
Nicholas Metzger, Class of 2018
James Miller, Class of 2019
McKenzie Welter, Class of 2017
Layla Lynn, Class of 2012
Anjali Rao, Class of 2019
Lily Kofke
Angela Daprato, Parent--Class of 2017
Xavier Suarez, Class of 2018
Guadalupe Refugio, Friend
Angela Daprato, Parent--Class of 2017
Asha Nidumolu, Class of 2017
Claire Downward, Class of 2018
Ruth Barry 2017
Sebastian Torrente, Class of 2017
Sara Newman, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Keys, Class of 2014
Adon Shapiro, Class of 2019
Christina Moore, Class of 2015
Elizabeth Ackerson M.D., parent of Tufts graduate
Sagal Alisalad, Class of 2019
Amanda Young, Class of 2013
Alec Lotstein, class of 2017
Elise Simons, MA Candidate 2017
Chantal Zakari, SMFA faculty
Connor Clairmont, Class of 2014
Veena Krishnakumar
Jordan Lueck, Class of 2020
David Núñez-Ariza Class of 2015
Kelsey Cabral, Class of 2018
Leah Rafaela Ceriello SMFA/Tufts 2015
Benjamin Zackin, Class of 2018
Catey Boyle, Tufts 2013
Karina Pantoja, Columbia University '19
Katherine Labella, class of 2014
Paige Spangenthal, Class of 2019
George Domat, BA 2014, MS 2016
Karen Zheng
Sarah Cavazos
Abigail Setterholm, Class of 2014
Anna Jacobson, 2019
Hira Qureshi, Class of 2016
Andrew Bittles, Class of 2018
Sena Burns, PB, SMFA at Tufts, 2017
Benya Kraus, Class of 2018
Yannick Monteiro Smfa Class of 2017
Dana Minauro
Tung Pham, Class of 2014
Hilary Rogers, TUSM 2020
Sam Boas, Class of 2016
W. George Scarlett, Dep. Chair EPCSHD
Steven Manwaring, Class of 2017
Qais Iqbal, Class of 2017
Rachel Wahlert, Class of 2018
Ednah Nwafor, Class of 2013
Claire Dunivan, Class of 2014
Stefanie Zumas, Class of 2013
Karen Shashoua, parent, class of 2019
Kayla Gullage, Class of 2020
Morgan Whithaus
Andrew Hara, Class of 2004
Nicole Joseph, Class of 2018
Gemma Stern, Class of 2016
Julia Timerman, Class of 2015
Angela Daprato, Parent--Class of 2017
Katie Kurtz, Class of 2016
Denali Hussin, Class of 2011
Molly Newman Dinh, Class of 2011
Winnie Zhang, Class of 2016
Matthew Ryan, Class of 2015
Monica Mowery, Class of 2013
Patrick Mahaney, Class of 2019
Jared Trudeau, Class of 2011
Brianna Lavelle Class of 2018
Gwen Dilworth, Class of 2019
Annie Cardinaux, class of 2004
Daniel Resnick, class of 2012
Margaret Zahrah, Class of 2018
Allison Osborne, Class of 2010
Dan Kass, Class of 2013
Jackie Brown
Amelia Greenwald, Class of 2014
Kerri Modry-Mandell, CSHD
Lauren Hollender, Class of 2013
Angelie Heredia, Class of 2020
elaine bay
Joe Kamibeppu, Class of 2017
Ellen Kan, A&S Class of 2012
Stephen Morris, Parent of Tufts Students
Christine Morris, Parent of Tufts Students
Jessica O'Flanagan, Class of 2019
Maria Alejandra Munoz, Class of 2018
Dee Roodehchi, Parent Class of 2017
Nina Joung, class of 2018
Chris Flynn, Class of 2018
Anne Pelikan, lecturer SMfA at Tufts
Kathryn Luhrman, Class of 2020
Thao Ho, class of 2020
Danthanh Trinh, Class of 2016
Ryan Tannady, Class of 2020
Priya Ban, Class of 2017
Juleen Wong
Madeline Hall, Class of 2013
Louisa Bradberry 2011
Ryan Ramsdell, UW-Madison '19
Vivian Tam, Class of 2018
Mitra Marvasti-Sitterly MBS 2017
Eleana Tworek, Class of 2020
Constance Thayer, Class of 2010
Sarah Duarte, Class of 2014
Clara Oppenheimer, Class of 2019
Dominik Doemer, Class of 2017
Betsy Allman
Nishant Joshi Class of 2017
Ana Maria Samper, class of 2020
Miki Takeshita, The University of Chicago
Hanson Gong, LA Class of 2011
Jodi Bosin, Class of 2014
James Garijo-Garde, Class of 2020
Aliguma Young, Class of 1998
Allison Barlow, Class of 1984
Abdiel A. Garcia, Class of 2014
Allison Guenthner, M.A.T. '17
Mabel Albert, class of 2018
Hanna Carr, Class of 2020
Kathy Nguyen, Class of 2018
Bryce Pepin, Class of 2018
Thomas Klimek, Class of 2014
Rebecca Lane, Class of 2018
Averi Becque, Class of 2013
Emily Henry, Class of 2014
Ivan Cherem, Class of 2016
Adam Montenegro, '17
Yu Yang
Ian Vanderklein, Class of 2014
Kathryn Bond, Class of 2010
Lauren Wilner, Class of 2014
Laura Smith, MALD 2018
Adrian Santiago Ortiz, Class of 2015
Cayla Brown, Class of 2017
Julie Morel, Vassar College 2019
Laura Gerhardt, Class of 2009
Jolie Dion-Gottfried, Class of 2019
Thomas Atmer, Class of 2014
Christine Loftus, Class of 2011
Cecilia Dos Santos, Class of 2005
Margot Nockowitz, Class of 2020
Nina Grossman, Class of 2012
Josie Lee, Class of 2017
Joaquin Rodriguez, Class of 2017
Amanda Lam, Class of 2017
Lucero Rodriguez, Tufts Sibling
Danielle M. Dehm, Parent of Tufts Student
Johana Oviedo, class of 2008
Zachary Michel, Class of 2014
Alex Bob, Class of 2012
Sonja Knudson, Class of 2017
Rachel Cunningham, Class of 2017
Tenzin Chokki, Class of 2017
Charli Suchin, class of 2018
Rachel Hawkins, Class of 2014
Amelia Pellegrini, Class of 2017
Chabely Rodriguez, Brooklyn College 2017
Daria Thames, Class of 2017
Cassie Mann, UEP 2015
Lauren Nakamura, Class of 2016
Winston Berkman, Class of 2010
Eric Magalhaes, Class of 2018
Jameelah Morris, Class of 2013
Min Seo Jeong, Class of 2020
Phoebe Rader-Gale, BU Class of 2020
Katia Domingues, Class of 2017
Julie McCarthy, Class of 2008
Elana Eisen-Markowitz Tufts '06
Eve Lifson, Class of 2013
Simone Riley, Class of 2016
Joshua McLean, Class of 2018
Daniel Hoagland, Class of 2003
Julia Berger, Class of 2020
Uche Egonu, Class of 2019
Max Silverman, BHS 2018
Zheng Yao Lin, Class of 2019
Rebecca Small, class of 2013
Josh Brown, class of 2017
Marisa Nguyen, Class of 2017
Kira Patterson, Class of 2015
Alexander Most, Class of 2014
Kathleen Kavanagh, Class of 2004
Gregory Chin, Class of 2018
Jahlyn Hayes, Class of 2019
Paige Shephard, Class of 2020
David Nickerson, Class of 2019
Ilana Herr, Class of 2012
Andrea Bird, J84
Kim Farnham Egan, Class of 2010
Anna Lei, Class of 2017
Ella Taubenfeld, Class of 2019
Hannah Uebele, Class of 2019
Nikhil Nandagopal
Conor Ward, Class of 2017
Alexa Manrriquez, UCLA 2014, Keck School of Medicine 2019
Katherine Corneilson, Class of 2017
Sephora Bergiste, Class of 2017
Neila Bennamane
Ryan Biette, Class of 2019
Paul Cernasov, Class of 2014
Aliza Small, Class of 2015
Sarah Shnayder, Class of 2020
Amber Chevannes, Class of 2017
Sophie Savelkouls, Class of 2014
Katherine Xu, Class of 2018
Arvind V. Goday, Class of 2020
Julia Yun, Class of 2019
Audrey Buczko, Class of 2020
Nicole Shean, Tufts Friend
Kristin Tomecek, Class of 2018
Karrie Larsson, class of 2012
Cynthia Lee, Class of 2014
Sarah Tessler, Class of 2020
Mackenzie Merriam, Class of 2017
Hanna Carr, Class of 2020
Nicole Loranger, Class of 2019
Emily Poole, Class of 2013
Kayla Hartman, Class of 2017
Max Goldstein, Class of 2014
Andoni Asencor, Boston University Class of 2020
Olivia Ireland Class of 2020
Katherine Ellicott Colson, class of 2011
Casey Strong, Class of 2009
Trisha Ormond
Allie Dawson, Class of 2018
Laura Rathsmill, Class of 2014
Sarolta Moldvay
Tondalaya Brainard GSAS class of 2017
Zip Kaffey, Benilde-St. Margaret's High School
Shelby Wilkerson, Class of 2019
Emily Lad, Class of 2011
Clara Smith
Anna Ogawa, Class of 2009
Clara Smith, Class of 2020
Riane Janine Ragno, Class of 2019
Stephanie Jinno, Class of 2017
Geoffrey Downs, class of 2005
Julie Gerber, class of 2012
Jordan Klein, A16 M17
Brandon Lee, Class of 2011
Heather Vaughan, UCLA Class of 2018
Hannah Vigran, Class of 2020
Ming Lewis, Class of 2018
Ravali Mukthineni, Class of 2018
Emily Schwartz, Class of 2014
Alicia Margarita Olivo, Wellesley College 2019
Madison Friedman
Jada Fitzpatrick, Class of 2020
Ryan Oliveira, AS 2011 and CVM 2015
Ana Karen Manriquez Prado, Class of 2018
Katherine Grellman, Class of 2019
Desiree Walker Morton, Class of 2011
Jonah Schwartz, Class of 2019
Elaine Harris, Class of 2020
Chae Chun, Class of 2020
Martin Bourqui, Class of 2009
Jonathan B. Wolf, Class of 2015
Pamela Toscano, Class of 2019
Natasha Mayor, Class of 2020
Aaron Herman, Class of 2017
Ally Burnstein, c/o 2019
Madison Taylor, Class of 2018
Odeosa Idahor, Class of 2018
Simone Butler, Class of 2020
Jessica Dimas, Class of 2016
Gerardo Lira
Alana Ackerman, class of 2008
Jessica Dimas, Class of 2016
Alicia Ranucci
Taseen Rahman, Class of 2018
Misha Linnehan, Class of 2018
Mattea Cumoletti, Fletcher Class of 2017
Parker MacLure, Class of 2015
Ian Clarke, Class of 2018
Julia Baily, Class of 2010
Brittany Chait, Class of 2012
Megan Leung, Class of 2017
Tara Dominic, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Class of 2016
Gitanjali Paul, Class of 2011
Jack Ronan, Class of 2018
Michelle Mu, Class of 2018
Isa Spoerry, NYU Class of 2019
Yu Chen, Tufts friend
Star Leal, UCI Law, c/o 2018
Mitchell Carey Class of 2016
Evan Fantozzi, Class of 2018
Gillian Leitch, Class of 2013
Monica Lopez, Claremont McKenna College 2020
John Thacker, Class of 2017
Joseph Tsuboi, Class of 2018
Chengyuan Wu, BS'03, MS'04, MD'08
José Antonio Mazzotti, Professor of Spanish
Robert Goodfellow, Class of 2018
Mary Drozd class of 2017
Riya Patel, Class of 2018
Alex Mendelsohn, Class of 2018
Francesca Kamio, Class of 2018
Emma G Hewett, Class of 2017
Benjamin Goebel, Class of 2018
Maria F. Murillo, Class of 2016
Jayanthi Mistry
Madeleine Gibson, class of 2017
Alison Conca-Cheng, Class of 2015
Louise weed, class of 2005
Alex Wallach Hanson, Class of 2014
Sophia Gomez, Class of 2018
Martina Tan, Class of 2020
Ezra Fischer, MAT 2017
Sarah Klevan, class of 2003
Kianna Medina, Class of 2018
Alan McIlhenny, parent of Tufts graduate
Eliza Ziegler, Class of 2013
Kaitlin Butler, Class of 2015
Dianne Brown, Social Science Librarian, Tisch Library
Claire Heuberger, class of 2019
Sarah Joslyn Wahl, class of 2006 and grad class of 2011
Jonathan Perry, Class of 2005
Indigo Naar, Class of 2020
Daniel Wolf, Class of 2011
Kaitlin Kohberger, Class of 2017
Kate Sweeney, Class of 2005
Roy Chatterjee, parent '13
Chase Carter, Class of 2015
Lisa (Schupmann) Wu, E05, G07
Jamie Wollum, Class of 2015
Ellen Pinderhughes, Professor, Child Study and Human Development
Abby Perelman, Class of 2016
Katie Hegarty, Class of 2013
Allison Kannam, Class of 2018
Hilary Binda, Visual and Critical Studies, SMFA
Leah Madsen, class of 2005
Julia Chauvin MAT 2017
Annika Greenleaf, Class of 2018
Daniel Wolf, Class of 2011
Lauren Friedman, Class of 2004
Julia Sakalus, Class of 2020
Jenna Friedman, Class of 2017
Katharine Sawrey, PhD student, Department of Education
Caitlyn Lahousse, Class of 2018
Julie Dobrow, Department of CSHD
Ann Easterbrooks, Faculty
Caitlyn Lahousse, Class of 2014*
Andrea Ness, Class of 2011
Aubrey Thrane, Class of 2013
Max Hornung, class of 2018
Rachel Gordon, F12, AS12, Researcher - Feinstein International Center
Orlando Economos, Class of 2017
Tori Simon, Class of 2020
Laura Quinto, Class of 2018
Arlen Weiner, Class of 2013
Jasper Ryden, Class of 2016
Leah Gordon, Class of 2008
Sophie Maki, Class of 2017
Aileen Ly, Class of 2017
Rebeca Pessoa, Class of 2016
Shannon Chapman, GSAS 2017
Jenny Heintz, Class of 2012
Clau Robles-Gil, Class of 2018
Aaron Pultz, Class of 2012
Joseline Torres Martinez, Chico State '19
David Igliozzi, Class of 2015
Margot Isman, MALD 2012
Mehmet Talha Topcu, The Fletcher School, Class of 2012
Tiffany Chen Cardona, Class of 2006
Jillian Slutzker, Fletcher Class of 2012
Kathryn Tweel, class of 2018
Gregor Young, Fletcher 2012
Rachel Bloom, Class of 2014
Sophie Laing, Class of 2016
Christina Fogarasi, Temp. Staff, ELS Dept.
Sophie Laing, Class of 2016
Ikumi Kaminishi, Associate Professor, Art History
Justin Krakoff, Class of 2018
Amanda Sawitzky
Salima Appiah-Duffell, Class of 2005
Britt Bird, parent
Devon Valera, Class of 2019
Kristin Bradley, A2013 D2020
Mary Humphreys, Fletcher 2012
Jared Joines, Class of 2020
April Brewer, J01, G04
Emily Kaiser, Class of 2006
Delta-Marie Lewis, Class of 2017
Dahiana Duarte, 2015 LA
Alex Pugnali, Staff, School of Engineering
Chris Paulino, Class of 2018
Aidan McCuan, Class of 2018
Kate Collins, Class of 2014
Barbara W. Grossman, Professor, A&S
Joscelyn García, Class of 2016
Rachel Napoliello, Class of 2020
Elizabeth Lemons, Senior Lecturer, Religion Department
Stephanie Boisvert, Class of 2018
Carolyn McMahon, Fletcher 2012
Elana Fiekowsky, Fletcher 2012
Karina Duarte, Kalamazoo College Class of 2018
Sheila Emerson, emeritus
Dena Wenner, Class of 2002
Lee Hofrichter, Class of 2009
Miguel De La Torre, University of Pennsylvania Class of 2016
Nicole Kravec, Fletcher 2010
Alicia Hammond, Class of 2012
Roxana Woudstra, Class of 2004
Estefania Marchan, Class of 2014
Esra Bozkir, Fletcher 2014
Luis E. Marquez, F'10
Catherine Hoar, Class 2013
Dylan Guydish, class of 2018
Jessica Varat Fletcher 2011
Amy Margolies, Fletcher 2009
Annika Rigole, Fletcher Class of 2011
Emily Gephart, Visual and Critical Studies
Joanna Hamilton, Class of 2015
Ibrahim Nizami, Class Of 2018
Jessica Kaplan, parent of Tuft's student
Dana Binnendijk, MALD 2009
Fatima Blanca Munoz
Madison Smrtic, Class of 2019
Patrick Meier, F'12 PhD
Sarah C. Nelson, Alumni Class of 2006
Clara Williamson, Class of 2018
Julia Faxon, Class of 2020
Megan Samenfeld-Specht, Fletcher 2009
Maria Hasan, Class of 2011
Emily Cohen, Fletcher 2018
Julia Fitzpatrick, Fletcher Class of 2012
Tatiana Popa, Fletcher 2010
Sally Sharrow, '11
Bryanna Murphy, Graduate Student Class of 2018
Julia Wagner, Class of 2011
Liz Gross Jain, Class of 2009
Julia Clark, class of 2006
Ana Ayala
Jonathan Hosea, Class of 2020
Rachel Brown, Fletcher 2010
Megan Haas, Fletcher Class of 2011
Dane Lemberger, AS 2011
Omar Meza, John Carroll University: Class of 2018
Orli Gottlieb, Class of 2013
Rishikesh Ram Bhandary, Fletcher, PhD candidate
Marina Mendez Ransanz Fletcher Class of 2011
Kayla Fory, A2014
Jordan Pearlstein, Fletcher Class of 2010
Benjamin Filippo, Class of 2010
Jenna Dargie, class of 2011
Kathryn Kirkpatrick, SMFA Class of 2020
Allie Bernstein, class of 2020
Natalie Solomon, Class of 2006
Bryn Gravitt, Women's Center Interim Director, PhD Candidate
Elaine Erichson, family. classes 2014, 2016
Peter Webb, A86
Jasmine Barrett, Fletcher Class of 2012
Jessica Matthews, Doctoral Candidate
Keeley Tobler, MA & CAGS 2006
Anthony DeBenedetto, Class of 2016
Hannah Gaertner, Fletcher 2009
Tiffany Von Walter, Class of 2017
Sarah Hijaz, Doctoral Candidate, Class of 2004
Sebastián Molano, Fletcher School, Class 2012
Jessica Wang, Class of 2020
Tulani Elisa, Fletcher 2010
Sohara Zafar, Class of 2020
Chris Strauber, Tisch Library
Jack Barral, Class of 2018
Stacy Filocco Class of 2009
Rachel Ganz, Class of 2013
Layvon McClean, Class of 2019
Hannah DeBaets, Class of 2016
Natalya Zaika, Graduate student Class of 2018
Elizabeth Wright, Fletcher Class of 2012
Lindsay Atkeson, Class of 2017
Natalia Garzon, Class of 2004
Alexandra Lee, Class of 2020
Conor Crockford
Leah Spigelman, Fletcher 2009
Oliver Marsden, Class of 2020
Grace Choi, Fletcher Class of 2012
R Julius Anastasio, Doctoral Student
John McGowan, Class of 2018
Sheryl Rosner Tufts MS 89
Shana (Horak) Hawley, class of 2006
Owen Hull
Elana McDermott, Doctoral Candidate
Kristina Callina, G13, Research Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Leavell, Department of English
Valerie Marshall
Aidan Huntington, Class of 2019
Meghan Mahoney, Fletcher 2012
Isabelle Shutt, Class of 2020
Bianca Leos, Cummings School V19
Ballard Blair, Class of 2018
Keegan Shiner, class of 2018
Corey McDonough, Doctoral Candidate
Monil Patel, Class of 2016
Jenny Shin, Fletcher Class of 2012
Catherine Jett, class of 2006
Summer Marion, Fletcher 2013
Marta Sandres-Corwin, c/o 2007
Charmaine Poh, Class of 2013
Howard Woolf, Experimental College
Delma Betancourt, Class of 2011
Hannah Marshall, SMFA Class of 2017
Kyle Richert Kamaiopili, PhD Candidate
Jenner Tresan, class of 2020
Jack Barral, Class of 2018
Arielle Sigel, Class of 2018
Luke Mueller, Ph.D. Candidate
Vera Masterson, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Ho, Class of 2013
Rabecca Musiega, Class of 2020
Christina Sass, The Fletcher School 2009
Justin Shilad, Fletcher 2012
Grace Segers, Class of 2017
Candice Dormon, Class of 2005
Amy Goldstein, Experimental College
BlackOut Step Team, Tufts Student Organization
Meri-Beth Bird-parent of Tufts student
Danielle Niakaros, Lesley University 2017
Veronica Jackson, class of 2009
Marianne Smallwood, Fletcher Class of 2011
Joseph Abrantes, Class of 2014
Hannah Dorfman, Class of 2015
Juan escobar 2007
Jacob Arnstein, Class of 2020
Isabel Silverston, Class of 2019
Jason Leach, Class of 2012
Jacob Ehrlich, Class of 2020
Rebecca Ames, Class of 2020
Brianna Pastro, Class of 2018
Madeleine Delpha, Experimental College
Molly Posner, Class of 2010
Casey Zorn, Class of 2020
Querube Suárez-Werlein, Brown University 2019
Katie Morrow, Friedman Class of 2017
Sarah Garrigan, Ph.D. Candidate
Kerry Crowley, Class of 2018
Julie Kurtz, MS Candidate, Friedman
Parissa Alerasool, Class of 2017
Mini Joseph Parent
Liliana Ngo, AS 08, F 11
Roy M. Joseph M.D. Parent
Tanya Hoke, Fletcher 2013
Jacqueline Silva, Class of 2006
Sarah Abdelmessih, Friedman Class of 2017
Shaina Wyche, Class of 2004
Sara Hospodarsky, Indiana University Class of 2018
Carolyn Florey , Class of 2013
Bruce Johnson, Lecturer, Eliot-Pearson
Camila Marquez, Fletcher MALD 2017
Ana Pirnia, Class of 2005
Natasha Khwaja, Class of 2018
Ryan Heman, Class of 2011
Erin Berja, Class of 2020
Chelsea Trunk, Class of 2012
Christina Schlegel, Tufts MA student
Chelsea Grayson
Kailash Prasad, F 17
Erica Levine, Class of 2004
Claire Schub, Dept. of Romance Languages
Alexandra Krill, Class of 2010
Lauren Jencik, Fletcher 2017
Steven Elsesser, AS '09
Joya Taft-Dick, Fletcher 2011
David Landy, Class of 2011
Emily Brown, Class of 2010
Amanda Moodie, Fletcher Class of 2011
Luke Dzwonczyk, UC Berkeley Class of 2020
Grace Russell, PhD Candidate
Winston Tan, Class of 2020
Allison Cohen, Class of 2004
Raquel Perez, Class of 2017
Jocelyn Berger, MALD 2013
Jwala Gandhi, Class of 2011
Cristina Mueller, Class of 2003
Megan McLafferty, Eliot-Pearson '18
Hannah Chang, Class of 2010
Adina Allen, Class of 2005
Jeff Saltzman, Class of 2017
Steven Ward, Class of 2006
Rebecca K. Gibson, Lecturer, English Department
Carl Beckman, English
Ana Baustin, Class of 2017
Rebecca Rottapel, MPH/MS, 2016
Ali Boreiko, Class of 2017
Anil Gurcan UEP class of 2017
Nino Testa, LGBT Center
Anil Gurcan UEP class of 2017
Eliza Dillaway, Class of 2017
Fritzi Pieper, Class of 2012
Kate Naranjo, Class of 2011
Kenneth Li, Class of 2018
Erica Borger, Class of 2019
Lauren Coy, Class of 2011
Julia Metraux, McGill University Class of 2020
Thomas Schroeter, McGill class of 2019
Nathan Kyn, Class of 2020
Shreya Bhandari, Class of 2016
Danielle Okai, class of 2010
Nicole Bardasz, Class of 2020
Sean Locke, Class of 2008
Joonoh Park, Fletcher 2012
Lenore Patel, Fletcher 2006
Shivani Shendye, Class of 2017
Cheney Wells, Fletcher Class of 2011
Farley Flores, Class of 2018
Sarah Plotnick, Class of 2019
Jules Long, M.A. 2018
Anna Bartlett, Class of 2018
Anabelle Harari, MS Candidate, Friedman
Camilo Mantilla, Fletcher class of 2010
Jozephine Crimp, McGill University class of 2020
Stephanie Reinhardt, BA 2006, MPH 2007
Vivian Zhong, Class of 2018
Erin L. McCutcheon, Lecturer, Department of Art & Art History
Emily Kaiser, Class of 2006
Catherine Shanahan, Class of 2020
Sharon Crumrine, Concerned Cambridge resident and friend of Tufts alum
Aidan Crowley, Class of 2020
Louisa Kimmell, class of 2019
Janani Baskaran, Class of 2019
Calvin L. Gidney, Associate Professor, Child Study & Human Development
Olivia Haskin, Class of 2020
Cynthia Smith, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development
Diana Licalzi, Friedman 2017
Kelly Shimoda
Evan Cover, Class of 2015
Justin Green, Class of 2004
Kayla Williams
Stephanie Upson, Class of 2006
Benjamin Picillo, Class of 2009
Safiya Nanji, Class of 2016
Monica White Ndounou, Associate Professor, Drama and Dance, Africana Studies, Tufts University
Jessica Fisch, Class of 2006
Eric chen, class of 2019
Eric Archibald, Class of 2013
Jesse Mahler, Class of 2017
Alex Bayne, Class of 2007
Dylan Portelance, Class of 2013
Casey Ngo-Miller, School Psychology '05
Chris Fitzpatrick, Class of 2017
Gabrielle Fenaroli, Class of 2017
Kaneez Rizvi, parent
Ascher Kulich
Max Mattern, Fletcher 2013
Madeleine Schwartz, 2016
Selby Abraham, Class of 2004
Gabriel Dowdy-Terracciano, Class of 2016
Kyoungduk Park, Class of 2020
Joel Alves, Class of 2019
Inge Milde, '95, '99
jake weitzen 2008
John VanderHeide, UEP/Friedman Class 2018
Megan Mueller, research assistant professor
Sarah Lange, Tufts Class of 2007, Fletcher Class of 2013
Emily Gruzdowich, Class of 2017
Evan Cover, Class of 2015
Camille Hironaka, Class of 2017
Alison Aimers, Class of 2017
Kari McNeil, Class of 2018
Rachel Sliman, Class of 2005
Nishani Hewage, class of 2012
Jordan Hawkesworth, Class of 2017
Hannah Richter, Class of 2020
Meredith Gilbert, Class of 2003
Sara Sarmiento
Becca Leibowitz, Class of 2017
Riley Aronson, Class of 2017
Mickey Leibner, Class of 2007
Chelsea Milojkovic, Class of 2011
Alison Hsiao, English MA/PhD candidate
Yasmin Nasrudin, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Kaitlynn Hong, Class of 2020
Yulissa Espejo, UC Merced Class of 2020
Casey Zorn, Class of 2020
Marisa Fried, Class of 2018
Natasha Blazer, Class of 2017
Peter O'Keefe, A'86
Kirk Lorenzo, Class of 2017
Jordan Ko, Class of 2013
Michael Lalka, Class of 2016
Caitlin Dalton, class of 2007
Neli Tsereteli, Class of 2017
Jilanna Allison, Class of 2017
Leroy Chan, Class of 2016
Angad Bagai, Class of 2015
Lara S. Levi, Class of 2009
Kate Kreindler, Class of 2006
Alyssa Trumble, UC Davis Class of 2017
Larry Maskin
Justin McCallum, Class of 2013
Rosa Delgado
Julie Giragosian, Class of 2006
Andrea Choueiri, AS 08, PHPD 16
Dylan Carlson, Class of 2018
Sara Ludovise, Class of 2005
Sophie Lattes, class of 2018
Robyn Yano, Class of 2007
Caitlin Beatty, class of 2005
Julia Hendrickson, Hofstra University class of 2017
N. Justin Chinyanta, LLM Class of 2010
Camille Jackson, Class of 2020
Valeria Al-Khatib, Regis College 2018
Gloria Fortún, community manager at Tufts in Madrid program
Katrina Pennington, Class of 2011
Marion Reynolds, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development
Abigail Needleman, DVM Class of 2018
Lisette Le, Class of 2006
Justina Bartling, DVM class of 2018
Madison Banker, Northeastern University Class of 2020
Sofie Lasko
Julia Clark, class of 2006
Paul Toben, Class of 2006
Jonathan Levinson, Class of 2013
Manjula Dissanayake, Fletcher School, Class of 2012
Alejandra Garcia , class of 2017
Alex Weissman, LA '05
Lacey Hilliard, Research Professor, E-P Dept of Child Study and Human Development
Sophia Passacantando, Class of 2017
Andrés Cabrera Flamini, Class of 2009
Katie Deveaux, Class of 2020
Jacqueline Deelstra, Fletcher Class of 2011
Noah M. Daniels, Ph.D, LA 2001, GE 2013
Nicole Becker, Class of 2013
Leah Rogers, Class of 2005
Caitlin McGarty, Class of 2005
Christina Seong, Tufts Class of 2014
Mandy Rosengren, Class of 2020
Robert Gifford, Class of 2016
Kathryn Selcraig, Class of 2014
Brittany Grenus, DVM Class of 2018
Isabel Francisco, DVM Class of 2018
Mark Dzwonczyk, E84
Paul Zotov, Tufts + SMFA
Gabe Prussin, Class of 2011
Katherine Chui, Class of 2009
Annie Lye, Class of 2017
Julia Brooks, Fletcher 2014
Jackie Garcia, UCM class of 2020
Jessica Lunte Class of 2017
Jazmin Gonzalez, UC Merced Class of 2020
Jovi D Rodriguez, Class of 2015
Luke Burkhalter, Class of 2017
Stacy Ulrich, Class of 2004
Laura Barley, Class of 2018
Betty Fong, Class of 2017
Emily Boeke, Class of 2012
Julia Garbow
Nathaniel Ung, Class of 2020
Elisabeth Frankini, Class of 2017
Star Wang
Norah Dooley, SMFA/Tufts Class of 1976
Caroline Andresen, Fletcher MALD 2010
Adam Fischer, Class of 2011
Janette Chien, Class of 2012
Eden Wall, Class of 2010
Amy Spindel, A2004
Tala Brewster, Class of 2016
NanaYaa Owusuaa-Prempeh, Class of 2017
Cristina Santillan, E07, E09
Darla Villani / General Public
Kevin McDonald, Class of 2012
Danielle Dumaine, Class of 2012
Joaquin Bustamante, Class of 2020
Carrie Huisman, Fletcher 2011
Joanna Tam, Tufts + SMFA 2012
John Trombetta, Class of 2012
Erica Chau, Class of 2018
Marilin Berroa, SSU class of 2012
Sofia Nelson, JD, LA 2009
Elisabeth Spratt, Friedman M.S. Candidate
Leah Cubanski, Class of 2017
Daphne LaBua-Stenzel Class of 2006
Molly Segal, Tufts/SMFA 2013
Joe Joe Orangias, MFA 2013
Catherine Segaller, Class of 2010
Erik Benjamins, MFA '12
Abril Ortega, Santa Clara University Class of 2020
Rachel Greenspan, class of 2013
Aidan Scrimgeour, class of 2017
Shayna Solomon, 2019
Delfina Harvey, Class of 2012
McKayla Dunfey, Tufts UEP '18
Lauren Jacobs, Class of 2017
Michael Elmets, class of 2011
Sara Ferry Walker, School Psych 2006
Brandon Andrew tufts/smfa 2010
Emily Donohue Class of 2020
Keli Young, Class of 2012
Jessica Borusky, Class of 2013
Nicole Boire, Class of 2013
Megumi Steele, FIU Class of 2020
Eunice Choi, Tufts + SMFA Class of 2012
Steven David Cohen Class of 2012
Charlie Tent
Nicholas Roberts Class of 2017
Gia Rowley, Class of 2016
Cassandra Cronin, Wellesley College, '19
Nabeela Chowdhury, Class 2014
Nora Nord, Class of 2018
Sarah Rebecca Gaglio, Class of 2012
Jeffrey Torruellas, Class of 2012
Erica Vermette, SMFA Class of '12
Lima Kondo, Sophia University Class of 2010
Lindsay Rogers, Class of 2015
Valerie Rafferty, Class of 2012
Kathy Huot, NYU Class of 2019
John Chavez '17, Davidson College Student
Jennifer Horwitz, Graduate Student, Eng Dept
Anna Christine, PhD Candidate
Alexandra Quintana, Class of 2014
Matt Messer, PhD Candidate
John Lewis, Class of 2013
Charles Henderson, Class of 2018
Erin Flood, Class of 2010
Ana Laguarda, MA CAGS 2006
Sarah Holton-Roth, School Psychology '05
On kyeong Seong, Class of 2014
Raquel Nahmad Vazquez, Fletcher 2011
Erica Vermette, SMFA Class of '12
Valerie Arias Class of 2007
Eileen Babbitt, Professor of Practice, Fletcher School
Benda Star Tufts/SMFA
Sean P. Smith, Class of 2011
Katherine M Rancaño, class of 2017
Emma Riley, Boston University 2017
Henriquez Hyppolite
Raul Bernal, Fletcher c/o 2011
Christopher Speedie, Class of 2006
Molly Dow, Class of 2011
Mary Kate Skitka, class of 2018
Whitney Richardson, Fletcher School 2010
Reena Karasin, Class of 2017
Noah M. Daniels, Ph.D, LA 2001, GE 2013
Amelia Smith, class of 2012
Cole Witaszek, Class of 2020
Elizabeth Iuppa, Class of 2012
Melissa Moore, Class of 2016
Mary Bridget Lee, MBS Class of 2017
Aspen Webster, Class of 2011
Philip Bene, Class of 2011
Jiyoung Song, MA Candidate
Cristina Vasquez-Muñiz, Class of 2017
Laura E. Vanderberg, Ph.D. 2008, Part-time Faculty Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development
Caridad Ponce Martinez, A&S Class of 2004
Evvie Nanni, Class of 2012
Bonnie Caldwell, Class of 2019
Cecilia Jauregui Ornelas, parent
Constance E. Putnam, GSAS '99
Harper Hopkins, Class of 2019
John Kerns, Class of 2018
Sarah Jacobson, Class of 2008
Elie Levine, Class of 2020
Mary Langan, Class of 2009
Aaron Cantu, 2011
Jessie Waldeier, School Psychology 2005
Daniel Berman, Class of 2018
Laurel Starr, Class of 2013
Noah Jefferson, Class of 2012
Adriana Hernandez Class of 2020
Tess Medlock, Class of 2020
Naomi Ali '16
Leah Effron, Class of 2013
Rebecca Heisler, Class of 2016
Gisselle Delgadillo, Santa Clara University Class of 2020
Shea Clark-Tieche, Class of 2015
Terry Levine, Class of 2006, Fletcher Class of 2015
Jodie Goodnough, Class of 2013
Caroline Higley, Class of 2016
Shana Friedman, Class of 2015
Lindsey Rosenbluth, class of 2011
Lauren Nutter, Fletcher 2018
Kim Davidson Golden, School Psychology 2005
Kevin Lopez Gomez, Class of 2019
Cassie Chesley Henrriquez, Fletcher 2017
Matthew Blewett, sibling of tufts student
Angela Lyonsjustus, Class of 2012
Shalini Bhatia J'97
Charlotte Eccles, Class of 2020
Caitlin Matthews, Friedman/UEP 2017
Noah Jung, UH Manoa
Liza Voll, Class of 2008
Erica Vermette, SMFA Class of '12
Ilya Andreev, University of Virginia, Class of 2019
Susana Obando
Niticon Davis, Class of 2017
Tara Macdonald, Class of 2018
Melissa Garcia Velez
Amy Spindel, A2004
Justin Watanasiri, ENG 2011
San Marie Thomson, Class of 2020
Katy Lee, Class of 2018
David Schwartz, Class of 2013
Elizabeth Clark, F 2009
Shelby Allen, Graduate School of Education 2019
Natalia Poblete, Class of 2020
Noah M. Daniels, Ph.D, LA 2001, GE 2013
Tyler Wilson, Class of 2013
Tram T. Nguyen, Class of 2008
Adilene Alvarado, Saint Mary's College of California Class of 2019
Alexandra Raczka, MA/MS Candidate Class of 2018
Gabriela Brito, Class of 2011
Madi Bernstein, Class of 2019
Amelia Downs, Class of 2014
Grace Allen, SMFA Class of 2017
Samuel Weitzman, Class of 2018
Eric Tolhurst, Class of 2019
Lydia Vignale, Class of 2020
Emily Garber, Class of 2017
Shivani Shendye, Class of 2017
Bryn Kass, Class of 2012
Valerie Tam
Isabel Obrien, alumnus
Mimi Arbeit, GSAS PhD 2015
Lee Nevitt, Class of 2021
Christina Kallitsantsi, Class of 2015
Sarah Marquis, Class of 2012
Daniel Fier, Class of 2020
Josue Aguilar, Class of 2015
Amanda Miller, BA 2013, MA 2015
Brian Rose, Class of 2016
Lorey Bonante. Medford resident and graduate of the museum school.
Amanda Huang, Class of 2017
Jesse Jagtiani, class of 2009
Ellah Nzikoba, Class of 2019
Kira Lauring, Class of 2020
Alice Taylor, 2010
Eleanor Huzenis, Class of 2019
Abby Lord, Class of 2017
Darien Headen Class of 2014
Louisa Seferis, Fletcher School 2011
Elle Chen, Scripps College
Deb Laura Boole, Class of 1988
Karolyn Gree
Jennifer Trebbin class of 2005
Amy Spindel, A2004
Catia Pereira, 2011
Julie DeAngelis, Class of 2014
Jeff Eisenbraun, F'12
Lauren Drago, UEP MA
Carolyn matheson, class of 2008
Dell M. Hamilton, SMFA, Tufts 2012
Katie Baczewski, Fletcher '15
Liz Moynihan, Class of 2014
Zachary Going, 2019
Anna Robling, Class of 2019
Emma Inhorn, Class of 2017
Maria Rios, Class of 2011
Tim Potts, SP 2011
Gabrielle Levy, Class of 2010
Christopher O'Connor, class of 2007
Anya Klepacki, Class of 2013
Miriam Gutman, Class of 2012
Elizabeth Meade Warren, School Psychology 2005
Claire Berman, Class of 2012
Erin Meyers, Class of 2000
Kazue Evans, Fletcher 2015
John Tyler McCullough, Class of 2017
Ian Luo, Class of 2017
Mark Tyson, Class of 2014
Kristina Aikens, AG08, Academic Resource Center
Shaan Merchant, Class of 2019
Amelia Hight, Fletcher 2012
Chloe Perez, Tufts
Grace Schumaker, Class of 2020
Andrew Schwartz, F'10
Michelle Kwon, Class of 2020
Shayan Rajani, Graduate Student
Sarah Hahn, F10
Flora Liu, Class of 2017
N. Mauricio Reznik, Class of 2006
Eric Siegel, Class of 2013
Daniela Mauro, Class of 2006
Hannah Macfarlane, Friedman 2018
Peter Wu, Class of 2017
Elizabeth Kingfield, class of 2010
Shoshanna Kahne, Class of 2014
Francisco Ortiz
Angie Nguyen, F'08
Asha Norman-Hunt
Katie Spencer, Fletcher '11
Daniel Marion, Class of 2018
G. Friedman, MFA 2008
Kevin Dillon, Class of 2010
Shumao Simon Ye, Class of 2017
Morgan Taylor, Class of 2018
Meaghan McGowan, Class of 2017
Chloe Green, Tufts Alum '06
Lisa DiPangrazio, Fletcher '13
Erica Downs, MS, CEE 1999
R. Andrew Chan, E'99 A'01
Peter Capozzoli, E'95
Shameka Powell, Assistant Professor, Educational Studies
Samantha Wessels, SMFA/Tufts Class of '18
Olivia Ladd-Luthringshauser, Class of 2019
Dan Miller, UEP & EP 2005
Sara K. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Child Study and Human Development
Hester Young, Class of 2001
Yuan Jun Chee, Class of 2019
Uma Shanmugham, class of 2008
Jill Fisher, SMFA + Tufts 2012
Sarah Boudreau, Class of 2012
Mallory Grider, Class of 2019
Ari Glasgow '19
David Tsiang, Parent Class of 2020
Bronwen Raff, Class of 2013
Eric Wilburn, BS CEE '08
Tatyana Zhukov, Class of 2011
William Butt, Class of 2013
Sandra Luo, UC San Diego
Jacqueline Knox, Tufts parent
Danya Ahmed, Class of 2004
Scott Gardner, Class of 2012
Allison Jeffery, Class of 2015
Zehava Robbins, Class of 2011
David E. Harrison A55
Jake Tyler Marks
Brett Isaacs, Class of 2019
Allison Benko, Class of 2015
Benjamin Van Meter, Class of 2013
Oliver Gonzalez-Yoakum, '17
Stella Dennig, Class of 2012
Axel Olson
Miriam Haxton
Flo Wen
Lillian Haxton
Hilary Cheney, GSAS Class of 2015
Isabel von Jena, Class of 2015
Jerzy Eisenberg-Guyot, Class of 2011
Kathleen von Jena, parent SMFA 2015
Alden Keefe Sampson, 2013
Jessica Hatrick, University of California San Diego '16
Diana Tracey, Fletcher 2012
Jane Acker, Class of 2017
Lanie Preston, Class of 2020
Sarah Burns, Class of 2010
Althea Middleton-Detzner, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy 2011
Sophia Goodfriend, Class of 2016
Nathaniel Pelz, Class of 2014
Jess Alan Camacho, BFA '10
Laura Dossett, parent class 2019
Akira Gutierrez, Class of 2006
Jen Scinto, Class of 2016
Daniel Weinstein, Class of 2020
Sonja Hartmann, Class of 2019
Patrick Anderson, Class of 2011
Steve Feldberg A77 P16
Julia Turner, class of 2020
Dana Eastland, Class of 2008
Natalie Vergara, Class of 2012
Devorath Ruiz, Class of 2004
Laura Borth
Judith Scott, GSAS 2017
Carolyn Flax, Class of 2015
Mari Novotny-Jones Faculty Bridgewater State University
Milan Kohout, adjunct lecturer
Andrea Vorametsanti, Class of 2020
Logan Russell '19
Naziha Sultana, Fletcher School 2016
Kels Hoffman, Class of 2016
Alex Beede, Class of 2012
Mindy Rinkenberger, Class of 2010 and 2011
Elizabeth Schorr, Class of 1984
Todd White, Class of 2008
erick garcia, class of 2017
Laura Sherman, Class of 2008
Gabriel Lara, Class of 2015
Kathryn Carnazza, Class of 2011
Andrew Bellet, Class of 2011
Victor Wolfe Class of 1983
Alexandra Boden, Class of 2016
Glenda C. Molina, Class of 2004
Colin Burnett, Class of 2016
Katherine Sawyer, Class of 2012
Gina Castellanos, Class of 2005
Kevin Criscione, class of 2015
Sarah Glaswand, Class of 2010
Jake Vlahakis, Class of 2013
Dira Djaya, Class of 2016
Noah Schifrin, Class of 2018
Elizabeth Shashoua, Family Member
Ivan Tan, Class of 2019
Cameron Pennell
Tyler Leong, Class of 2018
Michael Niconchuk, Class of 2011
Rebecca Wolfson, MA UEP Candidate, 2018
Mandi Gates, class of 2012
Amelia Haney, Class of 2014
Astrid Fuentes, Class of 2014
Gabriela Calderon, Class of 2005
Danielle Ngo, MA/MS UEP/Friedman c/o 2017
Orian Sneor, Class of 2019
Seth Litt, AS 2002
Alexander Ruggeri, Ph.D. Candidate
Linda V. Beardsley; Senior Lecturer, Education Department
Ha Vu, Friend of Tufts Student
Laura Blacklow, faculty SMFA@Tufts
Jim Dow, Professor of The Practice, SMFA
Alex Kramer, Class of 2006
Amy Patanasinth, A06 F11
Suzannah Capinea Dinsmore, Class of 2006
Cassidy Morris, Class of 2006
Isaac Herzog, Class of 2018
Susan Gamer Blacklow, Class of 1965
Elizabeth Mirkin Hawthorne Eliot-Pearson 1965
Nathalie Wade, Class of 2004
Margaret (Simpson) Cohen, class of 2006
Layla Rao, Tufts University Class of 2018
Hannah Loss, Class of 2017
Bruce Magun, classes of A1965, G1969
Tabias Olajuawon Wilson, Class of 2013
Katherine Neff, Fletcher School Class of 2012
Hisaya Ishii, Class of 2013
Michael Schneider, Class of 2015
Yuki Ito, Class of 2016
Max Kronstadt, Colorado College class of 2020
Ryan Kollar, A'13
Marquel Norton, Class of 2014, GSAS'17
Faith Dukes, GSAS 2013
Angelina Gualdoni, Professor of Practice, SMFA
Caitlin Moss '05
Sandra Huckleberry SMFA '92
Libby Shrobe, Class of 2013
Nina Petersen, Class of 2018
Natalie Smith, DVM Class of 2020
Avery Berkowitz, Class of 2020
Roberta Hemmer, Class of 2018
Daisy Jane Spear, DVM Class of 2018
Brian Neff, Fletcher 2007
Clara Bieck, Class of 2014 + MD Class of 2020
Jade Jerolmon, V2018
Bethany Shaw, Class of 2002
Mary Knowles, J'86
Pietro Castelli, MAPP '17
Kelly O'Brien, class of 2006
Steven Young, M'17
Rachel Distler, SMFA Class of 2003
Josette West , class of 2014
Atif Pesh-Imam
Amanda Shanner, Class of 2007
Claudia Arnoff-Prodero, Class 2003
Katherine Bettencourt, class of 2002
Lauren Rose, A13, V18
Monisha Sharma A2004
Erica Lokken, Class of 2011
Esti Bernstein, A13
Rebecca Nemec Boehm N12
Tessa Salzman, Graduate Candidate: UEP & The Friedman School
Alejandra Cabrera, MS 2017
Alannah Glickman, Friedman School of Nutrition, Class of 2017
Priyanka Basnet, Friedman
Yvonne Socolar, Friedman Class of 2018
Sam Hoeffler, Friedman '17
Kristin Sukys, Class of 2018
Jamie Fanous, UEP/Friedman Class 2018
Allison Kornstein, Class of 2008
Ingrid Weiss, Friedman 2011
Alicia Harvie, Class of 2006, Friedman Class of 2009
Kimberlee Davies
Jacqueline Lauer, Friedman PhD Candidate
Emmy Moore, MS 2018
Emmanuel Hernandez, Class of 2012
Lauren O'Brien, Friedman School, FA '17
Claire Hoffman, Class of 2008
Lindsay Margolis, Friedman 2017
Alison Brown, Class of 2017
Tamar Agulian, Class of 1999
Emily Wheeler, DVM Class of 2017
Audrey Raboin, Class of 2007 & 2011
Diana Caba, Class of 2005
Divya Gandhi, Class of 2018
Brendon Providence, BSE2008 MSE2013
Ben Gomberg, Class of 2004
Rebecca Nemec Boehm N16
Maryam Azizi, Class of 2014
Asher Baron, Poopy '17
Nadezhda Kazakova, A14 F16
Juliana Zapata, Class of 2005
Sarah Hartman, Class of 2013
Rebecca Plofker, Class of 2005
Martina Carrillo, BMCC student and immigration advocate.
Allison Platt, MA UEP 2016
Megan Rounseville, Fletcher PhD Student
Zachary Trevorrow, Class of 2016
Gina Mantica, Ph.D. Student
Noe Duenas Staff
Enrique Suárez, A&S 2012
Lindsay Sanders
Beatriz Rangel, Class of 2019

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