Karaite Insights Survey
Please take a moment to complete this survey so that we may better understand the public's perception of Karaism.
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Fog settles in the valleys of Ein Karem, Jerusalem one early morning.
1. First, we will asses your familiarity with Karaism.
Not at all
How familiar do you consider yourself to be with the basic tenets of Karaism?
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Not at all
Somewhat frequently
Quite frequently
Extremely frequently
How often do you visit Kariate websites or other web-based Karaite resources (newsgroups, forums, etc.)?
How often do you attend Karaite Torah studies online or in person?
How often do you have one-on-one mail, e-mail or phone correspondence with Karaites?
How often do you have face-to-face contact with Karaites?
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2. Next, we will assess your understanding of basic Karaite concepts.
For each of the following statements, please rate how strongly you agree or disagree.
Strongly disagree
Somewhat disagree
Neutral or don't know
Somewhat agree
Strongly agree
Karaites put on tefillin (phylacteries) every day.
Karaites wear tefillin directly between their eyes.
Karaites and Sadducees are identical.
Karaites and Samaritans (Shomronim) are identical.
Karaites sit in the dark and eat cold food on Shabbat.
Karaites accept the entire Tanach (Old Testament) as one of their sacred texts.
Karaites accept the Mishnah as one of their sacred texts.
Karaites accept the Talmud as one of their sacred texts.
Karaites interpret the Torah literally.
Karaites bring the yearly Passover sacrifice.
Karaites separate meat and milk.
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