Open Book Pre-Test Evaluation
The mission of Chicago based Institute for Positive Living (IPL), a 501- (c) organization, is to promote the quality of life by addressing the educational, social, and economic needs of families in Illinois communities.
Name *
Grade/School *
Age *
Do you like to read? *
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What do you like to read about? (check all that apply) *
1 point
Based on how you feel about the activities below check like or dislike *
What do you want to do when you grow up? *
Check the response that applies *
Not True
Little Truth
Very True
I am a good reader.
I am a person who likes to read.
I can use the internet to get information I want.
I am good at typing on a computer.
I can make a web page.
I can write a play or script.
I can interview someone.
I can work with others to get something done right.
I am comfortable speaking in front of other people.
I am comfortable discussing my thoughts and feelings with other people.
I am a good writer.
I am creative.
I enjoy participating in group activities.
How much experience do you have .... (circle what applies)
No experience
Some experience
A lot of experience
Typing on a computer
Making a web page
Using the internet
Writing a play or script
Writing stories
Working with others in groups
Speaking in front of other people I don't know very well
Discussing my thoughts and feelings with a group of people
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